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Excerpt from Liberty Savard's Mini Book 
(released January 2001, Bridge-Logos Publishing Co.)

Most of the people in the world today have no idea whether or not any given Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, New Age seer, or Jehovah's Witness is making decisions and acting out of: 

  1. their born-again human spirit linked with the Spirit of God, 
  2. the influence of demonic spirits, or
  3. their own human souls.

Do you really know the real source of another person's words and behaviors just by becoming a Christian? Not necessarily. Understanding the difference between souls and spirits cannot be learned from a daily Bible devotional reading or from a textbook in a Bible college. Nor does this understanding come from just praying. Carnal Christians pray, New Agers pray, satanists pray, Muslims pray, witches pray. There is nothing holy in the act of prayer in itself. God only involves himself in right prayers prayed by His people. More about right prayer later. 

Spiritual understanding of another person's behaviors or words comes by consistently practicing and acting upon what you have read in the Bible, together with obedience to the Holy Spirit's responses to your prayers. This understanding belongs to those " . . . whose senses and mental faculties are trained by practice to discriminate and distinguish between what is morally good and noble and what is evil and contrary either to divine or human law" (Hebrews 5:14, Amplified).

How important is it to know where peoples' actions and behaviors originate? Watchman Nee says that "the greatest advantage in knowing the difference between spirit and soul is in perceiving the latent power of the soul and in understanding its falsification of the power of the Holy Spirit." That sounds pretty important.

Throughout the first section of Matthew 12, we see the Pharisees criticizing every move Jesus Christ and his disciples made. They inititally tried to cast doubt upon the miracles Jesus was performing by accusing Him of breaking the Jewish religious laws. Apparently having no religious law in question after Jesus healed the blind and mute, demon-possessed man, the Pharisees accused Him of healing by the power of Satan himself. They had moved into trying to cause people to misunderstand the source of His words and actions.

In Matthew 12:22 (KJV), we read that, "Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw." We are not told here that Jesus cast the evil spirit out of this person, we are told that Jesus HEALED this man. The original Greek for used here for healed is therapeuo (ther-ap-yoo'-o), which Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon #2323 says means: to serve, do service, to heal, cure, restore to health. This was not a demonic deliverance, yet deliverance ministries refer to this Scripture as a proof that Jesus was in the deliverance ministry the same way they are.

Matthew Henry says that Christ's "cure was very strange, because He healed him. The conquering and dispossessing of Satan is the healing of souls."

Too often the Christian community has offered hurting believers three temporary choices or possible solutions for their wounded, angry, fearful, needy mind, will, and emotions. Any restoring to wholeness will never happen without a divine healing in the soul. 

  1. The first choice is to simply accept that Jesus died to atone for our sins and give us abundant life, and then start living like a whole person. Period. This is scripturally correct, but very hard to appropriate and implement when your soul is in a full-scream panic about its pain and needs and sense of injustice. 
  2. The second choice is to get deliverance from demons. This is flawed for many reasons which will be covered in part later. Even if deliverance were a viable choice for Christians, if there was no divine intervention with cooperation of the soul to give up its wrong patterns of thinking and the strongholds it had erected to justify their existence-everything would revert back to the original demonic pattern in short order.
  3. The third choice is to enter into Christian therapy which can include extensive digging around in the past. 

We cannot fix our present and embrace our futures by digging around in our pasts. 

Some Christian therapists really are standing in the gap for desperate people, holding on to their ragged souls until the clients get a breakthrough with Jesus Christ. Other Christian therapists, however, borrow liberally from the secular psychiatry/psychology industry. I read an interesting comment recently about Freud's strong influence on Christian counseling today, saying that he is one of a few men who continue to rule much of the world from their graves. 

We are using secular methods to counsel our wounded, and we are fighting spiritual survival battles with Satan day and night. Meanwhile, the world is falling apart while people are dying of drugs and alcohol and AIDS, and children are killing each other at their schools. Yet we claim to have all authority and power, we shout at the devil, we draw "blood lines" on the floor to show Satan where he can and cannot cross. What is wrong with this picture?

Authority, protection, and right standing in any area of life, natural or spiritual, can be severely hindered, even rendered useless, by the presence of open doors that an enemy can come and go through as he will. Leaders in the armed forces of the United States of America. will tell you that their highest levels of authority and power are useless if there are open doors in their supply sources, communication lines, and battle planning rooms. There isn't a smart enemy alive who won't use those open doors to attack, slash, and burn-and the Christian's enemy is very smart. Don't ever be foolish enough to call him stupid, or to sing foolish songs about him. Jude 1:8-9 (NIV) states: 

"In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings. But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, 'The Lord rebuke you!'" (NIV)

We can close the doors of access in our souls and stop Satan's unimpeded harrassment of ourselves. You will find out how to do this in this book. Once we have begun to accomplish that, we need to begin to turn around the condition of our country, and the other countries of the world. We need to understand that for all the authority we say we have, we haven't really had much of a clue as to what to do with it. If you were driving on the same road for 20 years, continuing to try to get to another town one mile away but never arriving, wouldn't you think that you needed to reconsider your journey? We need to begin to make some changes in how we are dealing with the destroyer.

God does not look down upon us and see any as having a favorite son or daughter status. He does not see us according to nationality, gender, wealth, education, race, or any other classification that man has come up with. He looks down and sees wounded, hurting, defensive, angry people jockeying for power and protection of their self-perceived rights. And one group's rights are always promoted at the expense of some other group's rights. He wants it ended.

I have preached this message in one church that stands on the very ground of a former African slave holding pen in Alabama and felt the hatred of the territorial forces. It is not hard to imagine the corporate wrong agreements made there out of great fear, pain, grief, loss, anger, and hopelessness. I preached this message in a hotel in Texas where something terrible had to have happened to cause great fear, pain, grief, loss, and anger among the Hispanics, for I actually saw that territorial spirit manifest itself across the sky. Consider the corporate wrong agreements made there out of great fear, pain, grief, loss, anger, and hopelessness. 

I have preached this message in Canada, Washington, and upper Oregon and felt the incredible force of territorial forces over the Pacific Northwest from many different sources. Contemplate the corporate wrong agreements made there out of the great fear, pain, grief, loss, anger, and hopelessness. I have preached this message and seen powerful breakthrough in the territorial darkness. 

In different areas there have been demonic principalities empowered by wrong agreements spoken into place by political groups, philosophical groups, economic groups, gender specific groups, wrong lifestyle groups, and many other people groups. 

Yet, all of the teaching, preaching, and breakthrough this message has brought has come without ever binding, rebuking, or screaming at any evil spirits. 

It has been accomplished through the corporate prayer of those in attendance at meetings. These are prayers prayed out loud in one accord against the effects and influences of the wrong agreements of all of the people of the area. Prayers prayed as well for former agreements made years ago and then passed on from generation to generation.

I believe Daniel's prayers (that unseated the territorial prince of Persia) are a valid pattern for future generations to use to unseat demonic princes over their cities! Daniel's 21 days of power prayers contained no declaration of authority, no commanding, no rebuking, nor casting down of satanic powers-all actions the unsurrendered soul loves to invoke. Daniel's power praying contained only humble confession, repentance, and pleas for mercy regarding the sinfulness of those who had spoken the wrong agreements. If church bodies and intercessors' groups across our nation would consider just 21 hours of continuous corporate praying in right agreement after Daniel's fashion, what might happen? 

Many peoples' groups have come into intensely wrong (in God's eyes) agreements in their souls. Races, cultures, genders, political entities, all distrusting each other! Hurt and hate has been carefully passed from generation to generation, creating new wrong agreements. Massive corporate wrong agreements open the doors to demon-held dominions over geographical areas that continue to perpetuate the distrust, fear, pain, and hatred between people groups

Finding the answer to the divisions within our society began when many in the body of Christ, and many from outside of it as well, began to turn from their personal mindsets ts seek reconciliation and forgiveness from those oppressed and downtrodden. This has driven out some of the wrong negative thought patterns and attitudes between the people of our nation. But victory will be the swiftest and the most powerful when the effects and influences of wrong agreements and walls between people begin to be torn down by those from within the very heart of the groups who have been hurt the most. 

How can something like this happen? When all people agree upon one prayer, one plea, one common cry, one unified hope: "Not my will, not my religious denomination's will, not my race's will, not my gender's will, not my culture's will, but THY WILL BE DONE, O LORD." There is not really any other direction we can ever move towards in true unity.


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