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Dear Liberty: My name is Pastor R. I have read your book Keys to Understanding Freedom Here and Now and really enjoyed it. Would you consider coming to our School of Ministry on a Friday night to teach on deliverance? Pastor R.

Dear Pastor R.: I'm not sure what you mean by my coming and teaching on deliverance. Please tell me exactly what you mean by the word deliverance. Liberty

Dear Liberty: Your approach to spiritual warfare seems very interesting and we would like to hear more about it. Our church believes and practices deliverance on a regular basis, so it is not foreign to us, however we are always open to receive more truth. We would love for you to visit us. Pastor R.

Dear Pastor R.: I have just returned from preaching 28 sessions in 3 weeks in New Zealand. It was a great time and the meetings were received very well. Many came up to me afterwards and said that for the first time in a long time, they had hope. I believe that the practice of "demonic deliverance" upon Christians has destroyed the hope of many that they could ever turn their own lives around through simply surrendering to God. That is so sad, because that is all that God has ever asked of us--that we would surrender our lives to His love and obey Him if we love Him. 

Believers who are taught that deliverance is necessary for their freedom end up chained to the belief that Satan has more power to re-inflict his works on them than they have to permanently prevent him from doing so. They are taught that they must keep returning to deliverance to maintain their "freedom." That is not freedom as my Bible explains it. My Bible says that whom the Son sets free is free indeed. This means that born-again Christians are free, and there is no mention of their having to fight the devil for such a gift. Christians need to be taught how to dismantle their own soulish misunderstandings and inner deceptions to walk in their freedom

I teach that we can be free of Satan's harassment permanently as long as we close existing doors of access in our souls that allow him to harass our minds, wills, and emotions and then we choose to not open up more doors. I also teach about the choices we make that open such doors. I do not ascribe to the theory that the devil is responsible for our problems. I believe he only takes advantage of our apathy, disobedience, and rebellion. I teach about the unsurrendered soul and its desire to thwart our relationship with God so it can keep its position of control in our choices and actions, thereby ignorantly working "with the devil" to keep us from walking in the will of God. 

I also teach about using the Keys of the Kingdom, binding and loosing in prayer (Matthew 16:19), to steady and stabilize the soul until it surrenders to God's healing. I do not believe in binding Satan or his spirits. My Bible says that the only one who can bind Satan is the angel in the Book of Revelation who binds Satan in chains and throws him in the Abyss for 1000 years (Revelation 20:2). The understanding that the "strongman" in Matthew 12:29 in Satan (re: binding the strongman) is incorrect. In one of my latest books, The Unsurrendered Soul, I present scriptural, original language research that shows that Satan is not the strongman referred to here. Our best offense against Satan is to deal with any doors that are open in our souls and to loose (destroy) his works wherever they are. The Greek word luo is used in Matthew 16:19 (meaning loose) and again in 1 John 3:8, "...The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work" (NIV). "Destroy" as used here comes from the same Greek word luo. Luo means to loose off of, smash, crush, destroy, shatter, and break up. So rather than trying to bind the devil (which we have absolutely no scriptural basis for), I believe in praying and binding your mind, will, and emotions to Christ's mind, God's will, and the Holy Ghost's balance and healing to stabilize and steady your soul. Then I believe in praying to smash, crush, and destroy Satan's assignments against you and his attempts to harass and harm you. This places you in godly agreement with God's Word regarding the Keys of the Kingdom and you can safely and freely get on with your destiny. God's Word never returns unto Him void, but always accomplishes the purposes for which He sent it.

I do not teach on deliverance from evil spirits with regard to Christians. I do not believe that Christians can have a demonic spirit within them that needs to be cast out. Satan has no control over the lives of born-again Christians unless they open soulish doors to his harassment. My theory on deliverance is that we need to shut the doors in our own souls, and then we don't have to deal with him in our own lives. This frees Christians from constantly battling an enemy who is already defeated. When we move in that freedom and power we can break up his works in the lives of others and in areas of territorial dominion without fear of demonic retaliation upon ourselves. He has to find open doors in our souls to retaliate against us personally. When we know how to shut those doors, we can recognize and reject (or resist) his deceptions and tricks. 

I do believe in the devil, for he is truly dangerous to those who are ignorant of his real plans. I think part of his master plan has been that he is the one who has masterminded most of the deliverance/spiritual warfare understanding that much of the body of Christ is teaching today. I believe that Christians can ignorantly allow so many open doors in their souls giving opportunity to Satan to harass them that they can appear to be manifesting demonic symptoms of bondage--hence the belief that deliverance is necessary. The true sources of troubled Christians' problems must be addressed. "Deliverance" as practiced by many today will do nothing to help heal and strengthen Christians who are struggling with an unsurrendered soul's attempts to protect itself from further pain. The true sources of all of our problems and our neediness and pain are the deep woundings in our soul's accumulated unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues. 

You cannot deliver someone of an unmet need any more than you can cast empty out of a refrigerator! You have to fill the emptiness or the need, and Christians must get rid of their defense systems and deception and denial to allow God to do just that. You cannot deliver someone of an unhealed hurt or an unresolved issue. The unhealed hurt must be healed and the unresolved issue must be understood or resolved. Our Father in heaven is the only one who can do either of these things and He won't do it as long as the hurting individual is bound up in erroneous deliverance beliefs and false understandings about the "power" that Satan has over Christians' lives.

I can come and speak about the unsurrendered soul and the use of the binding and loosing prayer Keys of the Kingdom without going into my views of disagreeing with deliverance practices for Christians. I have spoken in many deliverance churches before in this manner. Or, I can come and speak the whole truth as I have studied and researched it, prayed about it, and taught it with positive results for the past 18 years. Either way, I would want to have a product and book table if I came to speak. Some of the 13 books I have written are pretty outspoken on this issue. Are you sure you want me to open up this area of discussion in your congregation? I will come if you do.

Rev. Liberty Savard


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