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Dear Friends: Due to the great pouring in of questions, I wish to put some guidelines into place so that I can continue this ministry of question answering. Please refer first to the answered questions and answers already posted before writing your question to me, as so many questions I receive have already been answered there. Please try to condense your writings to your actual question. With sorrow and regret, I have had to bypass many questions that were hundreds of words long, extending long paragraph after long paragraph, because of the time it would take to read them, analyze them, and hope that I understood the real question being asked. When I have responded to some and tried to explain this about their questions, several people who had hopefully poured out the whole contents of their hearts were hurt and took it as criticism. This only added pain to their already hurting hearts. At this time, I am working very hard to try to answer many already backed-up questions. When I download my e-mail after being on the road for 3 or 4 days, I often find up to three or four hundred e-mails, the bulk of them being prayer requests and questions. Please be understanding, and please be willing to read previous answers when I refer you to them, because I know your answer has already been posted to a previous question. God bless you, and I do consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to help you find answers that you might continue to grow and go forth to fulfill your destiny. Help me continue to be able to do so. Liberty

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Question: Dear Liberty, I pray for at least 30 people every day. I�m getting bored and feeling mechanical using the Keys. I wonder if this is really what God wanted. Can you help me? Debbi

Answer: Debbi: Bless your heart if you are praying these prayers for 30 people every day! Be sure that you always pray the binding and loosing prayers for yourself first. That is very important. Don�t ever forget that you have to keep the Praying Person strong and on track!

This is not an unusual question. I pray for different people throughout the day rather than sitting down and going through each name with each prayer all at one time. I can see how that could certainly seem mechanical. At the end of the day, if I can�t remember whether I got around to someone or not, or if I should have prayed more for them, then I trust that the Holy Spirit to call my attention to whoever was left out and shouldn�t have been. I generally only mention their names once if there are a group of them, and then I pray for all of those in the group. I pray corporate binding and loosing prayers and then pray for any individuals who seem to just jump into my mind.

I always add a blessing on to the binding and loosing prayers: Lord, please pour out your grace, mercy, blessings, guidance, strength, encouragement, and love upon this person (these people) today. What you are doing when you pray these prayers is that you are foiling the enemy�s deceptions and their souls� distractions which would interfere with their ability to hear from God and their ability to want to do things His way. In a very small way, you could liken what you are doing to your soul when you pray with the Keys to giving a reluctant kid a bath that he/she doesn�t want. They always feel so good when their clean and in clean clothes afterwards. That is when they usually want to snuggle up close.

Question: Liberty, Could you please explain the difference between striving and running after God? Donna

Answer: Donna, The best answer I can give you is that striving is generally used in reference to putting forth great personal effort to achieve what you want, even though you might think you are in God�s will. Running after God has to do with aggressively seeking to know Him through His Word and through spending quiet time with Him, as well as through the time you spend in praise and worship of Him. You do this in order to get to know Him better and to understand more about His character. Hope this helps.

Question: Liberty, There is a terrible situation happening at my church and people are spreading rumors that no one knows whether to believe or not. I am refusing to talk to anyone or listen to anyone talking about the pastor and his wife. What should I do and how should I pray? Barry

Answer: Barry, Maintain your refusal to enter into discussions about the pastor. Then pray like this:

Father, I bind everyone involved in this situation to your will and purposes�myself, my brother, the pastor and his wife, the rest of the people, and whoever else is influencing this issue in any manner. I bind everyone's minds to the mind of Christ. I bind everyone's emotions to the healing balance of the Holy Spirit. I loose, smash crush, and destroy the effects and influences of all wrong agreements that have been made and are being made regarding this situation and everyone involved. I loose word curses, wrong beliefs, deception, and denial from everyone involved. I loose the ways of the world and the works of the enemy that would come against anyone involved (1 John 3:8). Lord, please pour truth, understanding, and love out on anyone who is involved. We all need your help. Amen.

I prayed for all of you today, Liberty

Question: Liberty, How do I know if anything is happening when I pray the binding and loosing prayers if I can�t see God doing anything in any of my family members? I have been discouraged and have almost stopped praying at times. Kathy

Answer: Kathy, Keys of the Kingdom Rule #1 � don�t ever judge what God is or is not doing by what you see in the natural! If you are praying in right agreement with His will for yourself and for others, He is ALWAYS working in their lives in some manner. I promise you this. Keep praying the binding and loosing prayers, even re-reading whatever Keys of the Kingdom books that you have. I know I can get inspired all over again when I re-read the books in order to work on updating or revising them. That just happened with me this past week. I have always said that whatever God wants me to write or share, He always seems to put me through a personal review on my own life in the same area.

I had a run-in with one of my difficult people this past week as I was finishing the writing on my Long Distance Training Session 10 Relationships Manual. I began to get upset and stressed out at this person, thinking, �Here we go again!� As I began to rationalize and justify wrong thoughts and behaviors on my part, I was suddenly confronted with the realization that I was doing exactly the opposite of what I was telling others they should to do in the same situation. Ouch!

That always make me squirm and wiggle and realize that I am going to have to straighten up and line up with what I am teaching or have to admit that I am acting like a hypocrite! I straightened up, prayed and acted as I was urging others to do, and the situation resolved itself. The situation even proved to be quite a bit different from what my soul was trying to push me to believe.

The key is to pray the binding and loosing prayers for your self and for the other person(s) immediately! Immediately means start praying the second you begin to hear wrong thought patterns in your thoughts (REGARDLESS of how true or fair they seem!). Immediately means the second you begin to realize that you are wanting to expose the other person a little bit, get even a little bit, or lightly slam dunk the other person who just won�t seem to change. Not always easy to pray nice prayers for them, but it is always the best way to get to a peaceful, blessed, true answer to situations and the lives of everyone involved.

Question: Liberty, I am reading The Unsurrendered Soul and I have read Shattering your Strongholds. I am praying the prayers, but struggling to read the Word because I am so convicted. I am doing everything I know to get free. I am working with a couple of counselors, but I am not seeing the breakthrough that I so desperately need. I know the Lord is coming soon and I want my heart right with God. I need His help but I don�t feel Him. I feel like I just continue going round and round in circles. Why am I not seeing anything changing? Amy

Answer: Amy, I have others talk to me of not being able to accept the answers to their prayers when God sends them. If you are truly praying the prayers believing they have the power to help you as you say you do, then answers are available. What you have said has reminded me of a story that I use in one of my books. If you keep a dog on a 12-foot chain for years, the dog becomes conditioned to believing that this is his world; he becomes mentally and emotionally unable to imagine going beyond that 12-foot distance. You can take the chain off and the dog will not go more than 12 feet away from post that held the chain. It has been conditioned not to. If you force the dog outside of that area, it can become very nervous and insecure.

I believe your soul has conditioned you to believe that you cannot go beyond the �chain� it has assigned to you, that is it not safe move out into breakthrough. As you are praying the binding and loosing prayers, remember this:

The focus of these prayers is to force your soul to surrender its deception and denial and stronghold thinking to God�s will. His will for you is wonderful and gracious and full of peace and love. As you pray, add these words into your prayers: �I loose the effects and influences of all wrong agreements that I have come into. I loose any soul ties that I have been involved in with anyone else.� Then pray to loose/destroy the works of the enemy (1 John 3:8) from yourself and from others just as Jesus came to earth to do.

Question: Liberty, I have been enjoying reading your books for some time now, but I don�t seem to have made a great deal of progress with the loosing and binding. I believe that this difficulty comes from spending several years studying faith teaching. There seems to be a consensus with faith teaching that a believer should only have to pray once for something to happen (see Mark 11:23). Jason

Answer: Jason, These prayers are not designed to get you what you are asking God for, as much as they are designed for �cleaning� wrong beliefs and teachings out your thought patterns, your emotions, and your self-will. The Keys of the Kingdom are just keys. You could have a gorgeous Porsche and if you never used the key to start it, you would never go anywhere. If you had a beautiful mansion and you never used your key to get inside, you would never live in its splendor and beauty.

Jason�s Second Question: If these prayer principles are so powerful, why do we have to pray them every day? Shouldn�t we be able to just pray them once?

Answer: Jason, Did you take a shower or a bath just once? Or, do you do it daily to get rid of the residue and stinkiness of the world? Did you just brush your teeth once? Or do you do it daily to get rid of the fur that seems to grow on them overnight? Does that mean your shower and your toothbrush are not powerful enough or that using them more than once means that you didn�t do the job right the first time?

Jason�s Third Question: Am I being over cautious? Should I just read the prayers aloud, even if it feels �robotic?� Jason

Answer: You should strongly push yourself to believe that praying these prayers is the key to help you get your soul open to God, reveal where it has been holding you back, and loose the enemy�s works off yourself (see 1 John 3:8). He is always launching new and different works at you to keep you off balance. Binding and loosing prayers can help you stop worrying about what kind of �evil spirit� he might be sending as well as how to stop thinking that you have to yell and shout at him (which is totally ineffective). Those prayers help you learn how to pray with divine/supernatural power instead of the influence of your soul. I hope this answers some of your questions. It is good for you to want to know more. Just don�t let your soul run a game on you that keeps you from taking apart its lies and deceptions and control structure that have kept you from breaking free.

Question: Liberty, a friend who is not a Christian gave me a very healing message which is I believe from God regarding my breakup with the one I thought I would marry. I previously told you about my deep pain over still being single at 44. This friend told me that my ex-boyfriend is suffering from �relationship ambivalence� and that his behavior is classic for people who suffer from this condition. It wasn�t me; it was his issues. This is just like you told me previously. I am praying the prayers you suggested, and I have bought some more of your books which I am waiting for now. Geri

Answer: Geri, I�ve been single now for over 35 years. Once I turned everything over to God and decided He would choose whatever would make me the happiest and most fulfilled, I have never had any awful feelings that you speak of about being single. I have been married. Believe me, a bad marriage and a hard divorce is worse than any distress felt about being single. When I got married over four decades ago, I chose someone that God had not prepared for me and had not prepared me for, either. My former husband, my poor kids, and I all paid the price for that wrong choice. As I pray these prayers now for each of my children, I am fully certain that God is working behind the scenes of their lives. That allows me to go on and keep doing what I am doing. I messed them up, I�ve asked forgiveness, and now I�m praying earnestly for them and staying open. The rest is up to God.

Regarding what your �friend� said about relationship ambivalence (what an ambivalent catch-all phrase that is!), this is not even close to what I told you, Geri. I said you were not ready to have a healthy relationship with a man and that God wanted to heal you and make you whole before you were in any more relationships. I said that if you kept trying to find a relationship with a man anyway because you thought that this was the only thing that could satisfy and fulfill you, you were going to keep getting hurt. Your unmet needs and unhealed hurts actually make you vulnerable to being hurt, manipulated, and controlled. This is not a good place to be, Geri, and I have prayed for your protection from pursuing such a course. God loves you so much and He absolutely does not want you hurt anymore. Neither do I!

I did not bring up anything about what you had said about your ex-boyfriend�s emotional and mental condition, because his mental and emotional state is not something that you can do anything about. What you can change is how you are relating to and receiving from God. You can change how you will surrender to Him and let Him heal you. You can decide to leave all future relationships up His timing. You can decide to believe that He knows best and that He wants what is genuinely best for you.

Reading the Word and studying the principles of the Keys of the Kingdom in the books you already have will definitely help you get closer to surrendering to that. I�m sure your non-believer friend meant well, but be very careful about basing your understanding on a non-Christian�s interpretation of a relationship situation. However wise they might seem to be, they are still speaking out of soulish/carnal understanding, not from any wisdom from the Spirit of God. Liberty

Question: Liberty, In Breaking the Power, you state �But we have been taught by the conventional wisdom of the world to place undue emphasis upon having had imperfect people in our lives who should have known better instead of having perfect people who would have known better and would have done what we needed them to do.� Can you please explain? Lenore

Answer: Lenore, that is a bit confusing, isn�t it? I noticed that when I was rewriting Breaking the Power to go on my new website as an eBook (the new, revised Deluxe eBook and Enhanced PDF Verizon with Tools of BTP should be in place on within the next three weeks), and I have corrected it. The print version with this and other corrections will be released in the early part of 2009. What I was trying to say was this: We have been taught, instead of forgiving and letting go with Jesus� help, to think of the people who hurt us in the past as people who should have known better than to do that to us.

We then tend to focus on wishing that we had had perfect people in our past like other families we see and imagine to be better than ours. This causes us to wish we also had perfect people in our past like they seem to have had because we are certain that perfect people would have know better than to hurt us. Hope this helps. God bless, Liberty

Question: Liberty, I have a question that I hope you can answer. My church has recently started teaching and coming against the spirit of mammon, saying that it needs to be subdued. But my understanding of the original text and meaning is that it is a reference to an idol and false way of thinking. Can you help me understand? In Him, Paige

Answer: Paige, first of all, there is no spirit of mammon anywhere in the Bible. The Amplified Bible gives a very good understanding of what mammon is as seen below in Matthew 6:24.

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in).

This has to do with wrong attitudes, wrong beliefs, and stronghold thinking in a person�s soul about what money means. People do make money into their idols and there is definitely a lot of false thinking about money in the church today. You are on the right track. Liberty

Question: Liberty, Will you please pray for me and for the Lord to deliver me from pornography. I also need healing from high blood pressure. I don�t know what to do about this addiction. Luis

Answer: Luis, addiction to anything begins out of your soul�s self-attempts to feel better about the disappointments of your life, to deaden the pain and hopelessness you are experiencing, and to lessen the pressures of your unmet needs. Addiction also begins in your soul�s attempts to stop fear that is pushing up out of its unhealed hurts and unresolved issues. Pornography does bring a temporary numbness and sense of distraction to a troubled soul�s distress. That is exactly what pornography is designed to do. Pornography also deadens your sense of need while temporarily distracting from your emotional pain and even some forms of physical pain. This addiction involves a wrong mind/body agreement. Whenever the mind and the body come into agreement that a certain wrong behavior is vital to the soul�s sense of well being, the addiction becomes both psychological and physiological. This is like a double hook in the addiction.

Every time the wrong behavior occurs, the brain etches a pleasure track deeper into itself. Your problem with pornography began a long time ago, and your neediness and hurt began long before that. God absolutely wants to heal you and restore you into wholeness. He also wants to restore you into healthy relationships with those who love you as He moves you into a love relationship with himself, the One who loves you the most. You need to pray the binding and loosing prayer principles for yourself, then for others later. If you are not opening up your soul�s defense systems and stronghold walls to divine help and healing, you may not have the strength to hold steady until God tells you what to do.

Pray this prayer:
Lord, I�m preparing for my good destiny plan. I�m getting ready to walk the good paths, to do the good works, and to live the good life you have preordained for me. I choose to believe that you have preordained that this will come to pass in my life! Lord. I want to thank you for the Keys of the Kingdom to help me pray effectively and powerfully for myself. I bind my will to your will. I bind my mind to the mind of Christ. I bind my raggedy emotions to the healing comfort and balance of the Holy Spirit.

I loose fearful thoughts, doubtful thoughts, and guilty thoughts that are not mine to bear. I loose the effects and influences of any wrong agreements I have made with anyone else, even with the enemy. I loose the influence of the world from myself and I loose the works of the enemy from myself.

I bind myself to the truth of the Word with its supernatural power to heal and make me whole. I loose the enemy�s assignments from myself; I loose all deception that I have believed about having to meet my own needs and deaden my own pain. I loose the effects and influences of word curses and wrong agreements and all stronghold thinking from myself.

I loose any soul ties I have formed with anyone, Lord. I choose to believe that I can turn to you for comfort and strength instead of submitting myself to pornography for today! That is all I need to do; I need to avoid giving in to the porn for just one day while I�m leaning on you. I will worry about tomorrow when it comes. I trust you to keep me. Thank you for your mercy and grace that you are extending to me. I�m listening for your further instructions, Father. Amen.

I prayed for you today, Luis. God bless, Liberty

Question: Liberty, My sister�s church invited a speaker who said that if born-again Christians backslide, when they die they will go to heaven because their name is already written in the Book of Life and it can�t change. Is this true? CH

Answer: A backslider certainly can go to heaven, but not because their name is �written in the Book of Life.� Whether or not the backslider goes to heaven depends upon what happens in the backslider�s final second of their life before they slipped into eternity. I do not believe that any person who cries out to God during that last second here on earth goes unheard. We cannot judge who will go and who won�t because we don�t know what transpired between them and God in those final seconds. But this is not something to count upon so you can ignore God and go merrily on in your backslidden state. That would be presumption and God is very opposed to presumptive behavior. Liberty

Question: Hello Liberty, Your book has been such a blessing to me and I want to thank you again and again. I need some advice and wisdom on a matter. I recently was in Toronto visiting a church and we were invited out to lunch by a Pastor and his wife. Sitting at the table, I sensed the Holy Spirit wanted to minister to the Pastor. One of the things that God was revealing was that we all need to live a Holy life. The pastor confessed at that time that he had been smoking for a very long time and never has had the victory. His belief is this: �I am waiting on God to give me a strategy to quit.�

I may be totally wrong in saying this, but we can wait �til the cows come home because God has given us a will and His Word for the victory. The Pastor is born again and spirit filled and I sensed that he has many worries about his ministry. He has smoked for a very long time. I sent him some wonderful info and a beautiful testimony of victory ( I was once a smoker) concerning this addiction and mind set, but his reply was, �I know that you are not condemning me and I will print out what you gave me and take a look at it.� Is there anything you can help me with concerning this man of God? Kendra

Answer: Kendra, the best thing you can do now is to pray the binding and loosing prayers for him. Pray them without any self-agenda or motive on your part. Pray them purely and allow God to decide which way to bring His will for this man to pass. I think you have done what you can with the Pastor; now just pray for him. Bless you for caring about him.

Here is a sample prayer for you to pray for him:
Lord, I feel you have placed this person upon my heart. I spoke to him as I felt led, and now I know I need to turn him over to you. I bind this man�s will to your will, Lord. I bind his mind to the mind of Christ. I bind his emotions to the healing balance of the Holy Spirit. I loose wrong beliefs and the effects and influences of wrong agreements from him. I loose the influence of the world and I loose and destroy the works of the enemy from him.

Father, I know that nicotine is very addictive and that it is easy to come dependent upon it. Please pour out your mercy and your grace upon this man. I loose all patterns of addictive thinking from him. I loose the deceptions and lies that he has believed about having to comfort himself with nicotine. I loose all stronghold thinking he is using as he rationalizes and justifies that what he is doing to his body wont� hurt him. Lord, let him know how much you love him and what you have planned for him. He needs to know that. In Jesus� Name, Amen

Question: Hi Liberty! I am currently leading two classes through Shattering Your Strongholds with the workbook. Each class is in a different place. One group is on page 28 of Shattering Your Strongholds, updated and expanded version. You made the statement on this page that Satan cannot read our minds. Can you tell us what you base that statement on and if there is a Bible reference?

In the other group, we are on page 64 of the same book. Here, you stated that there is no scriptural reference to Jesus or any of His disciples instructing us to name, speak to, or bind evil spirits. What about Mark 5:1-20 where Jesus asked the demon what his name was and he answered, Legion, for we are many. Can you help us with these? Thank you, and may God bless you! Ruby

Answer: Ruby, One Scripture I believe relates to Satan not being able to read our minds is Ecclesiastes 10:20: Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice. There is another verse about two soldiers in a tent at night planning battle strategies who did not speak out their plans because the enemy might hear them. In other words, the enemy could not read their minds.

I find it very difficult to believe that God would give Satan a means of reading our minds. There is actually no reason for him to have to read your mind. He sets up certain things around you or certain things against you and then just watches your reactions to them. Your reactions reveal what is in your soul.

The word legion is not actually a name; it is a confession (or some have suggested it is meant as a threat) of the great number of demons that had entered into this man. Roman legions of soldier were usually 6,000. Others were sometimes 12,000. In Luke 8:30-31 Jesus asked him, saying, What is your name? And he said, Legion, because many demons had entered him (NKJV). The demon was warning that they were very great in number, perhaps to warn Jesus to back off. Jesus and His disciples and Apostles did not ask demons for their names, nor hold conversations with them. I hope this helps. Liberty

Question: Liberty, I have read that you bind the spirit of anger, etc and loose the spirit of peace, etc. Does that fit in with what you teach? James

Answer: James, No, it does not. There is no place in the Bible where you can read about a spirit of anger. There are angry people, however, people who have had their hot buttons hit hard and set on fire. Once they lose control of their anger, they are fair game for the enemy to make their situation worse.

Anger is a negative emotion that comes from unhealed hurts, unresolved issues, and unmet needs. The human soul tries to cope with these vulnerabilities by burying or denying them. The anger just seethes and bubbles until something sets it off. Defense systems in the soul prevents God�s healing from getting to the unhealed hurts, unmet needs, and unresolved issues. To deal with anger, pray and bind yourself to the will of God, bind your mind to the mind of Christ, and bind your emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Then loose wrong beliefs, wrong patterns of thinking, wrong mind sets, the effects and influences of wrong agreements you have been a part of, the wrong thinking that made you get involved with soul ties with other people, word curses and wrong prayers, and then do what Jesus came to earth to do: loose (destroy) the works of the enemy (1 John 3:8).

As you begin to pray this way and as you read the Word of God, you create space for peace to come into your heart/soul. Peace is not a spirit you can loose upon yourself. Peace is not a spirit that you can command to come to you. Peace will not override fear and anger existing in your mind. One commentator said that peace is a lack of agitating passions. Peace will not cohabit with negative thoughts, anger, hate, and bitterness. I strongly suggest that you read some of my books, particularly Shattering Your Strongholds Revised. God bless, Liberty

Question: Hi, Rev. Liberty, I learned from your books that it�s not necessary to state the details of my prayer requests. I appreciate that, as I would take up so much of your time, otherwise. The binding and loosing prayers will cover everything. I am born-again, but I am really battling right now. LG

Answer: LG, I am encouraged to hear that you know you can ask for agreement for prayer and because God knows everything, you don�t need to give your request in detail. Sometimes restating our concerns over and over can reinforce our fears and our discouragement. You show an understanding of God�s faithfulness and attention to the details of your life, while also understanding the power of prayer agreement. Right agreement with God and with others is the most powerful way of impacting anything and everything on earth for His good purposes. So, I am praying with you, and for you and your family, today using the Keys of the Kingdom. God bless, Liberty

Question: Hi Liberty! I�m glad to hear that you are doing better! I�ve been praying for you. I am struggling with some kind of stronghold in my life that I don�t understand. I find it extremely difficult to respond when I am attacked by someone else; I think that this is an excessive struggle, more so than what most people undergo. My first instinct is to not say anything at all and not even react at all. Even though I don�t hurt anyone with this reaction, I have come to believe that this really does not please God. I really want to be a light to the world, but I don�t feel free to be that.

I know that God is working in my life, and I have been praying the binding and loosing prayers, sometimes many times a day. After much prayer this week, I actually spoke out in love when I was attacked. It was like God just took my mouth and started talking!!! I have been loosing all generational bondage thinking, and I have loosed the power, effects, and influences of all word curses spoken to, about, or by me. I have also loosed the power, effects, and influences of all soul ties that I have formed with anyone or that anyone has formed with me, all the while binding myself to Christ and His will and purposes for my life.

I don�t know why standing up against personal attacks against my character is such a tremendous struggle for me, but this seems to be a recurrent picture, and I really don�t want to go around this Mt. Sinai one more time. Can you help shed some insight into this? I would really appreciate your prayers. Love and prayers, Darcy

Answer: Darcy, Thank you for your prayers. First of all, let me reiterate what a stronghold is�backed up by the Greek explanation of the word as it is used in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Strongholds are mental traps created out of the logic, reasoning, rationalization, justification, defensiveness, and denial that our soul uses to defend what it has chosen to believe. This belief can be a defense mechanism, a wrong attitude, a wrong belief about someone else, a rationalization of not forgiving and letting go of an offense, or a wrong interpretation of God�s will and Word.

You are praying right binding and loosing prayers. Add one thing: loose the power and effects of any wrong agreements you have made or even those others have made about you and you have just accepted them. These wrong agreements could fall into the category of having been threatened about keeping a secret and you agreed, as well as making wrong agreements with someone who was seeking something from you and promised you something in return. I hope this helps, I prayed for you today. In His Name, Liberty

Question: Liberty, I wrote to you last week out of sheer desperation (thank you for the response�didn�t expect that!), but today I have another question. On page 91 of the SYS book, you say, �If you truly trust God, then you can know that He will help heal and neutralize any pains and fears connected with their exposure.� Distrust is my biggest problem and therefore I feel that because it is so hard for me to truly trust God in my heart that this stronghold will never come down. I�m sure I have some thought problems in this area�what should I do? I truly want to see all the strongholds come down and be free to testify to that which I have SEEN and speak of that which I KNOW. I have met so many women with strongholds wanting to be free and I would love to show them how they can. Thank you. RJ

Answer: RJ, I�ve known many, many women who say the same thing. Your soul is maintaining control of your life by feeding your fear of trusting and keeping it on artificial life support. This benefits your soul because it keeps you from responding to God�s opportunities and His love.

Reading the Word with focus and a determination and mind set that you want to learn how to trust, beginning with God, together with binding your mind and emotions to Him and loosing fearful stronghold thinking will help you break through this. This might be difficult to accept�but it doesn�t matter any more what caused you to begin distrusting others. Whatever happened, it is over. Your soul is holding you in bondage to your unresolved past.

Keep praying the prayers and declaring that you want to learn how to trust God completely. As you read the Word, keep declaring that you want to fully trust in and believe the good things you are reading. You cannot be counseled into fully trusting others. You cannot be counseled into forgiving those who have betrayed or hurt you. But you can loose all of the old painful residue and thought patterns and mind sets that keep your distrust and unforgiveness in place. Praying and believing in God�s Words written to you can help you break through. I prayed for you today. Liberty

Question: Good morning, Liberty! I read Shattering your Strongholds and am re-reading it. I am a Christian, prayer warrior, and hurting. I pray your prayers and I know I have strongholds in me that I am slowly tearing down. My daughter is backslidden. She has permanently defiled her body with tattoos. She has always been healthy. Recently a mole has turned nasty looking. I know I could pray and bind the affliction/cancer/whatever...but I don�t want too. Isn�t that crazy!! I want her to hurt as much as she�s hurt me. I want something to get her attention so she will return to truth! I have always prayed your prayers over her and I pray blessings into her life. Do I need to stop protecting her through prayer? Thanks, CW

Answer: CW: You need to know that you are up against stronghold thinking on your daughter�s part. She is rationalizing and justifying what she is doing, regardless of the cost. As you pray the binding and loosing prayers you need to be binding her to the will of God, binding her mind to the mind of Christ, and binding her emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Then you need to loose wrong thinking, wrong beliefs, deception and denial, the effects and influences of wrong agreements, and the works of the enemy from her. Then you need to ask God to pour out His love, mercy, grace, strength, and encouragement upon her. You need to believe that He has heard you and that He is working in the situation and turn the outcome of it to Him. Then you need to pray the SAME exact prayer for yourself. In fact, be sure to pray this exact same prayer for yourself each time you pray for her. I am quite concerned by a line you wrote in this message: �I want her to hurt as much as she�s hurt me. I want something to get her attention so she will return to truth!� The Bible tells us clearly it is the goodness of God that draws all men and women to Him.

You need to loose negative words and words curses from her that you have spoken and thought. Thoughts have a way of spilling out of our mouths. Ask God to forgive you and loose wrong attitudes from yourself, too. I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of my book, The Unsurrendered Soul so that you can understand more about what is going on in your daughter�s soul and in your own soul. I, too, have a daughter who is backslidden and out in the world. This is how I pray for her and it helps me stay open to her and calm in the assurance that God is on the job and working. Feeling distraught and angry is a symptom of not really trusting that God loves your daughter and you, that He is working on what is best for her and you. I prayed for both of you, today. Liberty

Question: Liberty, I started writing you in 2002 when I was in a bad depression for several years. I was living in sin on and off with someone I had hoped would miraculously become a Christian so my life would get better. Two years ago I met a woman at a truck stop that I was sure would become a Christian, so I moved in with her. This weekend she broke up with me.

I have always grabbed the first likely candidate for a relationship and then I ride that relationship out until it crashes and burns as all my sin does. I have been so out of touch with Almighty God I can hardly hear the Word of the Lord. I can barely think straight in my grief and confusion, yet I knew to come to your site and pray. Truck driving is lonely, but it is all I seem to think I can do. I know I have much repentance and many amends to make, but I do not know where to start. I need direction and someone godly to be accountable to. I am not sure if I am even asking the correct thing. Sincerely, Fred

Answer: Fred, I am glad to hear from you again. Sounds like things are a bit rough for you right now. I prayed for you today and asked God to meet your needs and comfort you. I also asked Him to strengthen and encourage you, and to pour out great grace and mercy upon you. You need to get back to reading the Word every day. Only the Word will convince your wounded, angry soul that God can meet your needs and help you get your life back on track with Him. I�ve been the living in sin route and felt I had surely sinned away my day of grace. Yet my failures didn�t keep me out of God�s blessings and purposes when I turned to Him with all I knew to give Him. He is a loving God, a forgiving God. He sees us fall and He is sorry that we are hurting afterwards � but He wants us to learn from these falls and see His grace in setting us back up on our feet.

Stay in the Word EVERY day, pray the binding and loosing prayers EVERY day, Fred, and confess to God that you are going to believe He has great and wonderful plans for your life! I keep thinking that God has a new career option for you, but you are not wanting to hear it. Ask God if this is true, and then loose all fears you have about making a change. If this is what God wants for you, nothing can keep you from it. Liberty

Question: Liberty, I�m struggling with pornography and all of my life I have been a poor reader. I have had such shaming experiences with my father, teachers, and fellow students. Poor reading has kept me from doing too many things that come natural for so many others. James

Answer: James, Pornography is a form of a �drug� of choice that your soul seeks to help it forget its unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues. You write well, spell well, and seem to have a good grasp on words. Please get my first book, Shattering Your Strongholds, and read it and pray the prayers in it until you begin to feel some sense of breakthrough that lasts. Also include the loosing of wrong mind/body agreements that you have made. Your mind commands you to get pornography, and your body obeys by doing so. Loosing prayers can break this. You have a form of self-sabotage going on in your soul that causes you to freeze when you try to read. The binding and loosing prayers will help with this. Please check out some literacy programs that will encourage you. Don�t let your fear of reading keep you from doing what God wants you to do. I prayed for you tonight.

Question: Liberty, I bought your book Breaking the Power and you are so right on! One of my fears acquired in the last five years is fear of flying (I had several bad experiences but obviously no crashes!). If I can�t get past this in the next couple of hours (to book a cheap flight), I will miss a family reunion. This fear is literally paralyzing. I understand and agree with all the principles you teach. What do you think I should do? Nel

Answer: Nel, I think you need to pray the binding and loosing prayers, particularly loosing ALL fearful thinking. Also loose all stronghold thinking justifying and rationalizing your fears. Don�t just pray these once and then say they didn�t work. Pray them EVERY TIME a fearful thought tries to come into your mind. God will work with you if you bind your mind to the mind of Christ, and loose all fearful thinking and stronghold thinking. Do this as often as you need to!

Also loose the effects and influences of any wrong agreements you have spoken or that others have spoken to you regarding flying. Know that God is NOT trying to tell you not to fly by making you fearful. This is strictly an issue of your own soul, compounded by whatever input the enemy can add to it. I prayed for you today. Liberty

Question: Dear Liberty, Is it possible to break soul ties and still live with your spouse and believe for restoration? We are together, but another woman is an issue in my spouse�s heart. He doesn�t want me to leave, but he doesn�t want to commit either. We were divorced several years ago and it has been a back and forth situation for the past four years. Both of us know the Lord, which makes this harder on my part to leave again. Our kids are all grown. I want God�s will, not mine, but the marriage restoration sites say I should stay and stand for the healing of my marriage regardless of how bad it seems. Thanks, Evelyn

Answer: Evelyn, I strongly urge you to pray the Keys to Answered Prayer (1, 2, and 3) that I sent to you. This is something that God has to straighten out. I never advise anyone to stay in a relationship that is grinding them down in discouragement and despair, even pulling them away from their relationship with God. I am not recommending that you divorce him if you are remarried at this point. However, I do recommend that you separate yourself from this situation and let God work without you being there to cushion any consequences that your spouse may be facing. I prayed for you today, as well as your husband and your children. Liberty

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