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QUESTION: Dear Liberty, I have made a horrible mistake. I sent away the man I love and I don't know what to do. He is very hurt because I was afraid to let him love me. Roxanne

ANSWER: Roxanne, Do you have any of my books? Are you familiar with praying with the binding and loosing prayers to get yourself aligned with God's will? You have done nothing that God cannot correct if you are praying pure prayers for His will to be done in your life and in this man's life.

Please read through the other Questions and Answers in this section, and go to the Difficult Issues Articles, and the Testimonies to learn about the power of praying this way. Remember, this is a way to pray for God's will to be done in both of your lives so that His full blessings can rest upon each one of you; this is NOT a way of praying for what your will thinks you and this man need to have.

God may or may not plan for the two of you to be together. Regardless of what you think you know about what is best for you, you don't know what God has planned. You can only know that it will be the best and it will be right. If you cooperate with Him, you will not be disappointed when it all begins to come together.

Roxanne, do you trust God to know and work with what is best for each one of you even if it does not agree with what you think you want at this time? Do you trust God to have a perfect plan for each one of your lives? Can you believe that He has just been waiting for you to begin to cooperate with Him so that He can bring it to pass, whatever it may be?

I prayed for you today, God bless. Liberty

QUESTION: Hi Rev. Liberty, I learned from your books that it�s not necessary to state the details of my prayer requests. I appreciate that, as I would take up so much of your time, otherwise. The binding and loosing prayers will cover everything. I am born-again, but I am really battling right now. LG

ANSWER: LG, I am encouraged to hear that you know you can ask for agreement for prayer and because God knows everything, you don�t need to give your request in detail. Sometimes restating our concerns over and over only reinforces our fears and our discouragement.

You show an understanding of God�s faithfulness and attention to the details of your life, while also understanding the power of prayer agreement. Right agreement with God and with others is the most powerful way of impacting anything and everything on earth for His good purposes. So, I am praying with you, and for you and your family, today using the Keys of the Kingdom. God bless, Liberty

QUESTION: Hi Liberty! I�m glad to hear that you are doing better! I�ve been praying for you. I am struggling with some kind of stronghold in my life that I don�t understand. I find it extremely difficult to respond when I am attacked by someone else; I think that this is an excessive struggle, more so than what most people undergo. My first instinct is to not say anything and not even react at all. Even though I don�t hurt anyone with this reaction, I have come to believe that this really does not please God. I really want to be a light to the world, but I don�t feel free to be that.

I know that God is working in my life, and I have been praying the binding and loosing prayers, sometimes many times a day. After much prayer this week, I actually spoke out in love when I was attacked. It was like God just took my mouth and started talking!!!

I have been loosing all generational bondage thinking, and I have loosed the power, effects, and influences of all word curses spoken to, about, or by me. I have also loosed the power, effects, and influences of all soul ties that I have formed with anyone or that anyone has formed with me, all the while binding myself to Christ and His will and purposes for my life. I don�t know why standing up against personal attacks against my character is such a tremendous struggle for me, but this seems to be a recurrent picture, and I really don�t want to go around this Mt. Sinai one more time. Can you help shed some insight into this? I would really appreciate your prayers. Love and prayers, D

ANSWER: D, Thank you for your prayers. First of all, let me reiterate what a stronghold is�backed up by the Greek explanation of the word as it is used in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Strongholds are mental traps created out of the logic, reasoning, rationalization, justification, defensiveness, and denial that our soul uses to defend what it has chosen to believe.

This belief can be a defense mechanism, a wrong attitude, a wrong belief about someone else, a rationalization of not forgiving and letting go of an offense, or a wrong interpretation of God�s will and Word.

You are praying right binding and loosing prayers. Add one thing: loose the power and effects of any wrong agreements you have made or even those others have made about you and you have just accepted them. These wrong agreements could fall into the category of you having been threatened about keeping a secret and you agreed, as well as making wrong agreements with someone who was seeking something from you and promised you something in return. I hope this helps, I prayed for you today. In His Name, Liberty

QUESTION: Liberty, I wrote to you last week out of sheer desperation (thank you for the response�didn�t expect that!), but today I have another question. On page 91 of the SYS book, you say, �If you truly trust God, then you can know that He will help heal and neutralize any pains and fears connected with their exposure.� Distrust is my biggest problem and therefore I feel that because it is so hard for me to truly trust God in my heart that this stronghold will never come down. I�m sure I have some thought problems in this area�what should I do? I truly want to see all the strongholds come down and be free to testify to that which I have SEEN and speak of that which I KNOW. I have met so many women with strongholds wanting to be free and I would love to show them how they can. Thank you. RJ

ANSWER: RJ, I�ve known many, many women who say the same thing. Your soul is maintaining control of your life by feeding your fear of trusting while keeping it on artificial life support. This benefits your soul because it keeps you from responding to God�s opportunities and His love. Reading the Word with focus and a determination and mind set that you want to learn how to trust, beginning with God, together with binding your mind and emotions to Him and loosing fearful stronghold thinking will help you break through this. This might be difficult to accept�but it doesn�t matter any more what caused you to begin distrusting others. Whatever happened, it is over. Your soul is holding you in bondage to your unresolved past. Once I realized the truth of this, I became very angry that this sneaky part of me could control how I thought and how I acted today. I went after my soul and stripped its control tactics as fast as I could.

Keep praying the prayers and declaring that you want to learn how to trust God completely. As you read the Word, keep declaring that you want to fully trust in and believe the good things you are reading. You cannot be counseled into fully trusting others. You cannot be counseled into forgiving those who have betrayed or hurt you. But you can loose all the old painful residue and thought patterns and mind sets that are keeping your distrust and unforgiveness locked in place. Praying and believing in God�s Words written to you can help you break through. I prayed for you today. Liberty

QUESTION: Good morning, Liberty! I read Shattering your Strongholds and am re-reading it. I am a Christian, prayer warrior, and hurting. I pray your prayers and I know I have strongholds in me that I am slowly tearing down. My daughter is backslidden. She has permanently defiled her body with tattoos. She has always been healthy. Recently a mole on her skin has turned nasty looking. I know I could pray and bind the affliction/cancer/whatever...but I don�t want too. Isn�t that crazy!! I want her to hurt as much as she�s hurt me. I want something to get her attention so she will return to truth! I have always prayed your prayers over her and I pray blessings into her life. Do I need to stop protecting her through prayer? Thanks, CW

ANSWER: CW, You need to know that you are up against stronghold thinking on your daughter�s part. She is rationalizing and justifying what she is doing, regardless of the cost. As you pray the binding and loosing prayers you need to be binding her to the will of God, binding her mind to the mind of Christ, and binding her emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Then you need to loose wrong thinking, wrong beliefs, deception and denial, the effects and influences of wrong agreements, and the works of the enemy from her. Ask God to pour out His love, mercy, grace, strength, and encouragement upon her. You need to believe that He has heard you and that He is working in the situation and turn the outcome of it to Him.

Then you need to pray the SAME exact prayer for yourself. In fact, be sure to pray this exact same prayer for yourself each time you pray for her. I am quite concerned by a line you wrote in this message: �I want her to hurt as much as she�s hurt me. I want something to get her attention so she will return to truth!�

The Bible tells us clearly it is the goodness of God that draws all men and women to Him.

You need to loose negative words and words curses from her that you have spoken and thought. Thoughts have a way of spilling out of our mouths. Ask God to forgive you and loose wrong attitudes from yourself, too. I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of my book, The Unsurrendered Soul so that you can understand more about what is going on in your daughter�s soul and in your own soul. I, too, have a daughter who is backslidden and out in the world. This is how I pray for her and it helps me stay open to her and calm in the assurance that God is on the job and working. Feeling distraught and angry is a symptom of not really trusting that God loves your daughter and you or that He is working on what is best for her and you. I prayed for both of you, today. Liberty

QUESTION: My sister�s church invited a speaker who said that if born-again Christians backslide, when they die they will go to heaven because their name is already written in the Book of Life and it can�t change. Is this true? CH

ANSWER: CH, A backslider certainly can go to heaven, but not because their name is �written in the Book of Life.� Whether or not the backslider goes to heaven depends upon what happens in the backslider�s final second of their life before they slipped into eternity. I do not believe that any person who cries out to God during that last second here on earth goes unheard. We cannot judge who will go and who won�t because we do not know what transpired between them and God in those final seconds. But this is not something to count upon so you can ignore God and go merrily on in your backslidden state. That would be presumption and God is very opposed to presumptive behavior. Liberty

QUESTION: Hello Liberty, Your book has been such a blessing to me and I want to thank you again and again. I need some advice and wisdom on a matter. I recently was in Toronto visiting a church and we were invited out to lunch by a Pastor and his wife. Sitting at the table, I sensed the Holy Spirit wanted to minister to the Pastor. One of the things that God was revealing was that we all need to live a Holy life. The pastor confessed at that time that he had been smoking for a very long time and never has had the victory. His belief is this: �I am waiting on God to give me a strategy to quit.�

I may be totally wrong in saying this, but we can wait �til the cows come home because God has given us a will and His Word for the victory. The Pastor is born again and spirit filled and I sensed that he has many worries about his ministry. He has smoked for a very long time. I sent him some wonderful info and a beautiful testimony of victory ( I was once a smoker) concerning this addiction and mind set, but his reply was, �I know that you are not condemning me and I will print out what you gave me and take a look at it.� Is there anything you can help me with concerning this man of God? K

ANSWER: K, the best thing you can do now is to pray the binding and loosing prayers for him. Pray them without any self-agenda or motive on your part. Pray them purely and allow God to decide which way to bring His will for this man to pass. I think you have done what you can with the Pastor; now just pray for him. Bless you for caring about him.

Here is a sample prayer for you to pray for him: Lord, I feel you have placed this person upon my heart. I spoke to him as I felt led, and now I know I need to turn him over to you. I bind this man�s will to your will, Lord. I bind his mind to the mind of Christ. I bind his emotions to the healing balance of the Holy Spirit. I loose wrong beliefs and the effects and influences of wrong agreements from him. I loose the influence of the world and I loose and destroy the works of the enemy from him.

Father, I know that nicotine is very addictive and that it is easy to come dependent upon it. Please pour out your mercy and your grace upon this man. I loose all patterns of addictive thinking from him. I loose the deceptions and lies that he has believed about having to comfort himself with nicotine. I loose all stronghold thinking he is using as he rationalizes and justifies that what he is doing to his body wont� hurt him. Lord, let him know how much you love him and what you have planned for him. He needs to know that. In Jesus� Name, Amen

QUESTION: Hi Liberty! I am currently leading two classes through Shattering Your Strongholds with the workbook. Each class is in a different place. One group is on page 28 of Shattering Your Strongholds, updated and expanded version. You made the statement on this page that Satan cannot read our minds. Can you tell us what you base that statement on and if there is a Bible reference?

In the other group, we are on page 64 of the same book. Here, you stated that there is no scriptural reference to Jesus or any of His disciples instructing us to name, speak to, or bind evil spirits. What about Mark 5:1-20 where Jesus asked the demon what his name was and he answered, Legion, for we are many. Can you help us with these? Thank you, and may God bless you! Ruby

ANSWER: Ruby, One passage of Scripture in the Old Testament I have always believed was about two soldiers in a tent at night planning battle strategies who did not speak out their plans because the enemy might hear them. In other words, the enemy could not read their minds. Unfortunately, I cannot not seem to find that passage in my new concordance. Perhaps someone reading this will find it and contact me.

I find it very difficult to believe that God would give Satan a means of reading our minds. There is actually no reason for him to have to read your mind. He sets up certain things around you or certain things against you and then just watches your reactions to them. Your reactions reveal what is in your soul.

The word legion is not actually a name; it is a confession (or some have suggested it is meant as a threat) of the great number of demons that had entered into this man. Roman legions of soldier were usually 6,000. Others were sometimes 12,000. In Luke 8:30-31 Jesus asked him, saying, What is your name? And he said, Legion, because many demons had entered him (NKJV). The demon was warning that they were very great in number, perhaps to warn Jesus to back off. Jesus and His disciples and Apostles did not ask demons for their names, nor hold conversations with them. I hope this helps. Liberty

QUESTION: I have read that you bind the spirit of anger, etc and loose the spirit of peace, etc. Does that fit in with what you teach? J

ANSWER: J, No, it does not. There is no place in the Bible where you can read about a spirit of anger. There are angry people, however, people who have had their hot buttons hit hard and set on fire. Once they lose control of their anger, they are fair game for the enemy to make their situation worse. Anger is a negative emotion that comes from unhealed hurts, unresolved issues, and unmet needs. The human soul tries to cope with these vulnerabilities by burying or denying them. Whether buried or denied, the anger still seethes and bubbles until something sets it off. Defense systems in the soul prevent God�s healing from getting to the unhealed hurts, unmet needs, and unresolved issues, and thereby to the buried anger.

To deal with anger, pray and bind yourself to the will of God, bind your mind to the mind of Christ, and bind your emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Then loose wrong beliefs, wrong patterns of thinking, wrong mind sets, the effects and influences of wrong agreements you have been a part of, the wrong thinking that made you get involved with soul ties with other people, word curses and wrong prayers. Then do what Jesus came to earth to do: loose (destroy) the works of the enemy (1 John 3:8).

As you begin to pray this way and as you read the Word of God, you create space for peace to come into your heart/soul. Peace is not a spirit you can loose upon yourself. Peace is not a spirit that you can command to come to you. Peace will not override fear and anger existing in your mind. One commentator said that peace is a lack of agitating passions. Peace will not cohabit with agitating passions, negative thoughts, anger, hate, or bitterness. I strongly suggest that you read some of my books, particularly Shattering Your Strongholds Revised. God bless, Liberty

COMMENT: I am a senior pastor of a church on the West Coast. I was adopted as a young child, and grew up in a wonderful Christian home. But I was an angry child. I became quite rebellious and entangled in the drug culture of the 80�s and on into the 90�s. I married a wonderful woman in the early 90�s and now have three wonderful children. At a very low point in my life in the early 90�s, I finally cried out to God and He healed me and delivered me and set me free. Jesus was no longer just the Lord of my parents, and that was the day I truly became born again. I went into the ministry, and I am still learning and growing. Your teachings and keen insights have been tools that God used to set me free and that He continues to use as He brings me from glory to glory. That is why I began teaching these truths to my congregation so quickly.

My wife and I want a church where people are free to be a work in progress, free from religious condemnation and unreal religious expectations. I want the people in our church to put their masks at the altar and leave them there and take up the life of abundance. Thank you for all you have made available to this pastor, and thank you for letting me share this abbreviated version of how God radically changed a desperate young man. In Christ, Pastor D

QUESTION: Hello! I have a question about the statement on page 115 of Shattering Your Strongholds (updated and expanded): �A hard, cold fact that many Christians don�t want to face is that unforgiveness in your heart can keep you out of heaven no mater what else you are doing spiritually right.� My understanding is that if I acknowledge that I am a sinner, that Jesus died for my sins and I ask God to come into my heart then I have received salvation and I will go to heaven. It is also my understanding that my rewards in heaven will be determined by the way I live my life after I have received salvation but that salvation - and entrance into heaven is not negated by my lack of forgiveness. I am not saying this to build a case for unforgiveness�but I think forgiveness grows in us as we come to understand God�s ways and grow more like God. Have I misunderstood the intent of your writing or what? I have found your vision for binding and loosing to be life changing! S

ANSWER: S, Basically, yes, I�m pretty much saying what you think I�m saying. However, I think that God will work intensely with or just plain on an unforgiving person to forgive so that they might go to heaven. Sometimes He will take them to the edge of hell and back, dealing with them in love but as harshly as He has to in order to show them how petty and foolish and stupid it is to refuse to forgive someone else for something they have done.

You have indeed been forgiven for everything in your life up to the point of accepting Christ as your Savior. But that forgiveness at your point of salvation does not extend to automatically give you a free ticket to withhold forgiveness from others in your past, in your present, or in your future. Unforgiveness can keep you from going to heaven. You will not resolve your forgiveness issues at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. You have to have resolved them down here.

Is this a hard saying, yes it is! The consequences of unforgiveness are eternal, and they are hard you even while you are here on earth. Scientists have proven that the emotional damage of anger, resentment, and unforgiveness dump toxic chemicals (created by your own body) into your bloodstream and severely impair your immune system and the health of your heart. After such intense dealings of God with a person�s soul to forgive, if that person then chooses to remain unforgiving, I cannot see how anyone can say that they have not sealed their own fate to be kept out of heaven.

How can anyone not see how difficult life is if he or she does not forgive others? Unforgiveness is always an issue of judgment as to whether or not you think another person deserves your forgiveness; it is a soulish desire for revenge and getting even by not granting forgiveness to another person, and it is a willful deception in the soul. I have a Position Paper (might need updating a bit, but my position will not change) at this link:

Being forgiven of all your sins at the time of salvation is correct. But there is no forgiveness for unforgiveness. Please understand what I�m saying: there is no divine forgiveness for any Christian (or unbeliever) holding on to unforgiveness. There is, however, help and grace and mercy from God to forgive. Praying with the Keys of the Kingdom will help anyone deal with their judgmental thoughts, desires for getting even, and deception about God�s position on forgiveness (I have included a short prayer for forgiving the hard things at the end of this answer).

We are told not to judge others. When you do not forgive, you are judging another person as not being worthy of your forgiveness. You are placing yourself above the judgment of God who was so willing to forgive you that He became flesh and blood and shed blood for the remission of your sins.

You are responsible for asking for forgiveness for your sins committed AFTER you become a Christian; you are responsible for repenting for them and turning away from them. You can avoid the consequences of unforgiveness (which is definitely a sin) by being willing to forgive like Jesus did. To forgive means to set the other person free and stop wanting them to have to pay for what you feel they have done. To forgive means to look at another person�s sins with love and compassion, removing any burden of your unforgiveness from them. To repent means to turn away and not return to what you have just repented for. If you were forgiven a huge credit card bill and then turned around and charged an obscene amount of money right back on the card, do you think you should automatically be forgiven of that, too?

The Lord�s Prayer specifically asks God to forgive us our debts AS we forgive others. Jesus taught us to ask God to forgive us in the same manner that we forgive others. Matthew 6:12 (AMP), �And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven (left, remitted, and let go of the debts, and have given up resentment against) our debtors.�

Matthew 6:14-15 (NIV) says this: �For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.� There will be no sitting around in heaven with unforgiveness still stinking up your soul. Unforgiveness has to be resolved here.

Read the whole parable of the king and the ungrateful man who was forgiven in Matthew 18, particularly these verses 32-35 (AMP): �Then his master called him and said to him, You contemptible and wicked attendant! I forgave and cancelled all that [great] debt of yours because you begged me to. And should you not have had pity and mercy on your fellow attendant, as I had pity and mercy on you? And in wrath his master turned him over to the torturers (the jailers), till he should pay all that he owed. So also My heavenly Father will deal with every one of you if you do not freely forgive your brother from your heart his offenses.�

Here is the prayer I recommend that people pray when they are struggling to forgive someone: Father, I need to know exactly what is in your heart regarding what unforgiveness is doing to my relationship with you. I bind my body, soul, spirit, mind, will, and emotions to you, Father. I choose to make them accountable to you. I loose, smash, crush, and destroy any wrong beliefs I have about judging someone else as worthy of my forgiveness regardless of what they have done. I loose all wrong thoughts and wrong attitudes I have and choose to stop focusing on, nurturing, and rerunning the painful memories of what others have done. Your Holy Spirit can neutralize any pain still in them and file them in the archives of my life. Forgive me for thinking there was any other way out of my unforgiveness. I want to forgive anyone who has ever offended, slighted, angered, embarrassed, or hurt me, so I can be free of the terrible spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical effects of unforgiveness. I choose to recognize that my testimony and sharing with others of your great love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness is distorted and hypocritical if I, myself, cannot believe and receive the truth that your love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness is enough to enable me to forgive anyone of anything. I choose to forgive and obey the command to forgive others that is dear to your heart because you know it will so benefit me and others. Thank you, dear Lord, for working with me to do this. Amen

QUESTION: I have been distressed about something for a while now. On page 204 of your book Breaking the Power you mention Kathryn Kuhlman as being someone great in God�s work. Up until that point I was excited about what you had to say and as soon as I read that, my heart sank. Maybe you don�t know much about the woman and that makes me question your ability to discern. Would you tell me on what basis do you believe Kathryn Kuhlman was led by God? If we are to mature our discernment from use, how does one go about starting to do that? J

ANSWER: J, What I said about Kathryn Kuhlman was based upon the good fruit of her ministry�not upon what others have said about her. The Bible says that we will know them by their fruit. You have judged me as not being very discerning. You say perhaps I don�t know much about the woman. I�ve had the privilege of editing and rewriting some of her original writings for reprinting by my publisher, and I saw her heart as I often say and typed on my computer keyboard, blinking and sniffling through tears.

There is a lot a confusing stuff going on in the Church today. That is one reason I teach about loosing misconceptions and preconceived ideas that people have about what they think that God thinks. As long as you have preconceived ideas about what He wants, you will have a very hard time hearing the actual truth from Him. You also need to loose preconceived ideas and misconceptions that you have about other people, too. You cannot judge what you are seeing in the Church with your natural eyes and your own yard stick rules. The true gift of the Spirit of the discerning of spirits does not operate in one who is judgmental. Ask God to show you His heart about Kathryn Kuhlman. Liberty

QUESTION: Liberty, what is your position on �once saved, always saved�? D

ANSWER: D, As far as �once saved, always saved,� I guess I would have to say that I believe it is so near being true that I don�t think much about it. But I cannot say that I believe it 100%. The issue that I would say would be exempt from that doctrine is deliberate unforgiveness. If Christians manage to survive God�s dealings with them as they are stubbornly insisting upon clinging to their unforgiveness, then their salvation is in danger.

I use the term �survive� because I think God will actually deal with some so heavily as to even bring them to the point of death in trying to break through their wrong belief that they can�t, won�t, or don�t have to forgive. I do think, however, that He gets through to most of them eventually, even if they have to learn to let go of their unforgiveness in the hardest way possible. Liberty

QUESTION: I was able to attend your seminar in Melbourne AUS not so long ago. I have been soaking in the inspiration I received from the seminar. I am half-way through the book Breaking the Power and it is fabulous. These understandings are resonating boldly with where I am in my life at this point, and I truly thank God for this. I have been amazed at the wonders that are at work in my life and in the lives of those for whom I am praying these prayers. I am much clearer in my direction insofar as my walk with God is concerned, and I am more at peace in my heart as well which I am ever so thankful for.

As of the last two weeks though, my flesh has been going at me big-time. There is a certain excerpt out of Breaking the Power which is really spot on about this struggle of mine on pp. 139-140 under a subheading entitled Missing the Meeting. I do not usually have difficulty in concentrating on what God wants to say to me during my quiet time with Him, but over the last 2-3 weeks, I have been harassed big time whenever I have focused on what God wants to show me next. My �frivolizer� sets in and tries to interfere and make the whole thing into a fiasco.

This is where your question, �When you try to read the Word and come into a place of agreement with God, have you ever felt that your mind is leaping around like a drop of water on a hot griddle while your feelings begin acting like a fourteen-year old�s hormones?� really describes my struggle. I am trying to break the cycle of this thing but I feel stuck. What else can you tell me about how to counteract the hot griddle and fourteen-year old hormone type scenarios? I have been browsing your website as well to find more information. S

ANSWER: S, Bless your heart. It is good to hear from you, and I do remember you. I encourage you to pray the binding and loosing prayers each day and to reinforce and back them up with a consistent study of the Word. But the very cycle you speak of in one that I�m often asked about. Add the following words to your binding and loosing prayers:

I bind my will to the will of God, my mind to the mind of Christ, and my raggedy emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit, I loose, smash, crush, and destroy all distractions and reactions of my soul and all distractions and reactions of the enemy to what I am trying to focus on right now as I settle down to read your Word, God, and to pray and talk with you.. Thank you for the Keys.

This short little prayer will help you a great deal in this area. You might have to pray it several times at first to convince your soul that you are serious, but don�t give up. God bless you, Liberty

QUESTION: I just purchased Shattering Your Strongholds and am wondering whether the principles of binding and loosing could be prayed for phobias. I have a strong fear of mice and rats; and the latest sightings of mice at my workplace (a school) have maximized these fears and nearly paralyzed me. Please advise. Randi

ANSWER: These principles are helpful in overcoming phobic thinking. The soul is made up of the mind, the will, and the emotions. In phobic thinking, the mind and the emotions strengthen this type of fearful thinking which will increase if left unchallenged. These prayers can begin stabilizing your soul�s irrational reactions.

When you loose (smash, crush, and destroy) wrong patterns of thinking and wrong emotional reactions, you begin to break up your overreactions. Pray the prayers loosing wrong emotional reactions to other issues that seem to impair you, too, and begin restructuring your thought processes on other issues that impact you more than they should. Every time you feel that phobic thinking arising, stop and bind your mind to the mind of Christ and your emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Loose wrong patterns of thinking and irrational emotional reactions and ask the Lord for peace. Even if you have to repeat this three or four times every time you sense phobic thoughts arising, you will begin to see changes. Liberty

QUESTION: We had a visiting preacher today that everyone in my church adores. I struggled with thinking that he was completely full of himself. Are my binding and loosing prayers making me more aware when I see an unsurrendered soul, or am I guilty of the same thing? I am confused at my reaction to him because it is so opposite of everyone else�s reaction. Jerry

ANSWER: Jerry, I�m not sure whether you are more discerning because of the prayers, but there is a chance this is true. There is also a chance that God is showing you something in yourself. When people used to really bug me in the past, I later realized that they were like me except they were succeeding at something that I wasn�t. That made me both critical and intolerant of them. Show mercy and grace to those who try to minister in ways that are uncomfortable to you. We all need to be more tolerant when people are trying to minister the pure Word. Was he lifting up Jesus, was he breaking the Word of God purely, and was he trying to help people to change their lives? If you can honestly answer yes to at least one of those questions, then you have to wonder about your reaction. Either way, it�s time to get back to praying the binding and loosing prayers. Hope this helps, Liberty

QUESTION: Your teaching on binding and loosing and your prayers truly are gifts of God. I have just offered a course on Intercessory Prayer at our church where I mentioned your prayers and explained them. All in attendance would love to have a copy of the prayers. I explained that they could easily purchase the book, but they pressed me to ask if you would permit me to type out the prayers so they could begin to pray this way as soon as possible. I would not do so without your express permission. Donella

ANSWER: This is something I do not recommend. When people begin to pray these prayers, the �status quo� of their lives start shaking. Old foundations start crumbling, old defenses start falling, and old beliefs begin to shatter. All of this is good IF YOU KNOW what is happening. Otherwise, the resulting shaking can be confusing and appear to be negative if the only thing you know is that the prayers seemed to cause it�even if it is exactly what God wants, a fresh start and a new foundation.

People who did not understand the purest purpose of these prayers (to empty out baggage and wrong thinking from their unsurrendered souls and to surrender to God�s will) began to use them for all kinds of wrong things which gives the enemy open doors to further confuse them. Someone once took just the prayers to a teenager in jail for drunk driving. When the youth pastor called on him, the teen said, �Don�t worry, I�ve got these prayers and I�ve bound the judge to my will. He has to let me off now.�

People who just want the quick �fix,� praying the prayers with no understanding, aren�t always interested in a genuine overhaul of their souls even though such renewal is good. I won�t give you my permission to do this, but I won�t ask you not to give out the prayers like you requested. You be the judge. Liberty

QUESTION: I asked you to help me understand why God has not given me a mate. You said to read your Difficult Issues Article on not finding a mate; I did. I just don�t feel this answer is for me. I see the concept of it, but it does not have anything to do with my situation. Betty

ANSWER: Betty, it does apply to you. And what I�m going to tell you now applies to all MEN, WOMEN, AND YOUNG PEOPLE! If God knew you were ready for what you are asking for in a life mate and you wouldn�t get hurt by having it, He would be moving you towards it.

You are not ready for a serious relationship and, therefore, God may be protecting you from devastating emotional damage. A marriage, any marriage, is NOT better than being alone. If you were to extend your heart to someone who would take advantage of your love and use you, you could be deeply hurt. With your unmet needs, it would be easy for someone to take advantage of you. Also, the one that God may have chosen for you to marry may not yet be healed and ready for a good relationship. God may be protecting both of you.

Don�t blame God for protecting you�you have unmet needs and unhealed hurts that no man could meet and fix. God just doesn�t want you to get terribly hurt and feel rejected again. I�m sorry if this appears blunt, but I get hundreds of letters from men and women in exactly the same frame of mind as you who are �blaming God� because they are not in a satisfying relationship with a man or a woman. It is hard to get some people to recognize that God wants to protect them until they let Him heal them. Please bind your mind to the mind of Christ and loose all stronghold thinking you have about that article not �being for you,� and then read it again with an open mind. Liberty

Betty�s Response: Well, since you put it like that, I can relate. I never thought about God protecting me by not leading me to a relationship right now. Thanks for responding and understanding, and I will read over that excerpt again. You said you can tell by my e-mail that I am not ready for a serious relationship yet. What I can do to change that? I know you are a very busy woman of God and to take time to correspond like you did shows your heart. I honestly did not expect to hear from you, but now I will get back to the prayers. Be blessed, Betty

Liberty�s Response: I�m very impressed with your response. When I said that you were not ready for a serious relationship right now, I meant that you still need to open up your soul and let God into your unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues. You can do this by staying in the Word, praying the binding and loosing prayers, and realigning your relationship with God. Admit to Him that you have felt abandoned by Him and that you have been feeling that He didn�t care. He knows that, but there will be a clearing of the air between you and Him if you can say it to Him and believe that He wants to change that. Then agree with Him that He knows what is best and that you believe He really does want to heal you and meet your deepest needs so you can love others with no strings attached. You�ll just be a blessing to those around you. Ask God to forgive you for wrong feelings and accusations against Him for not giving what you wanted. Tell Him that you now see He has been giving you what you needed�time to heal and to become more whole. He will forgive and you can begin to cooperate with Him.

Pray the binding and loosing prayers to dismantle your soul�s defense mechanisms, its deceptions, its denial, and its stronghold thinking. Stronghold thinking is a mental trap that allows you to believe that you are right and you shouldn�t have to, won�t, or can�t change. Stronghold thinking occurs whenever God (or someone like me) touches something that is painful and disappointing and you don�t want to see how you are blocking God from healing that pain. Everyone has some stronghold thinking, MEN, WOMEN, AND YOUNG PEOPLE. Strongholds are built out of rationalizations, justifications, arguments, reasonings, denial, and defensiveness used to protect what you�ve allowed your soul to set up as its truth:

You have been using rationalizations, justifications, arguments, reasoning, denial, and defensiveness to �prove� that you are right and God has let you down. This created stronghold thinking. God has told us tear down our strongholds and everything high thing that would exalt itself against knowing Him. This is how you do it:

Don�t forget to keep binding your will to His will and your mind to the mind of Christ and your emotions to the healing balance of the Holy Spirit. This steadies and stabilizes you and helps you cooperate with God to receive healing and readiness for the next step of your destiny. God bless, Liberty

QUESTION: I have all your books and your teachings have changed my life. I re-read them often and refer to them for many of the problems we seem to go through as Christians in this day and age. In The Unsurrendered Soul, during your e-mail correspondence with Rosanne, there seems to be little question that Sharon is with the Lord. A friend of mine lost somebody close to them to suicide recently, and as another friend and I discussed the issue, it turned into a huge argument.

She is of the opinion that suicide is the ultimate sin and as that person committed murder to self and never repented, it is obvious he or she will go to hell. She says that I have no right to claim differently as a person with suicide tendencies might hear me and assume that by committing suicide they can escape this world and be with the Lord. Then she said that if they do, I will have their blood on my hands. This is very upsetting to me. How can we ever comfort loved ones of suicide victims it we are to believe their loved ones will all go to hell? John

ANSWER: John, no one knows what transpires in the final second of a person�s life who commits suicide. God can accomplish more in that last second than we can accomplish in years. No one can authoritatively know that a person committing suicide did not repent in that final moment, or that the person did not find some resolution with God in that final second for what they did.

To say that you have no right to claim differently because �a person with suicide tendencies might hear you and assume that by committing suicide they can escape this world and be with the Lord because, if they do, you will have blood on your hands� is both legalistic and wrong. If you say that God will forgive someone of murder, does that mean that if a person heard you and then goes out and commits a murder, you have blood on your hands? If you say that God will forgive someone who steals, does that mean that if a person hears you and goes out and steals, you are responsible? Does that mean if you say that God will forgive divorce and someone then gets divorced, that the divorce is your fault? No, it does not.

Once a person has so sunk into depression and despair that they have decided to take their own life, they are more than likely past considering whether or not to do it because God might not forgive them. This is where we can all hope for His grace and mercy to meet them where they are before they actually die, even if it is only for a half second.

People who commit suicide have generally been thinking about doing it for a long time. You do not cause them to do it and thereby become responsible. Having said that, it is prudent to be wise and be careful by what you do say to people who are looking for that final excuse to do what they have already chosen to do.

If you are aware that a person is looking for an excuse to act out a pending decision they have already made, then you would be wise to hold your tongue and begin to pray earnestly for that person. Notice that I said this about a pending action that a person can still choose to avoid. It is a dangerous thing to assume forgiveness will be theirs if they choose to go ahead and commit a seriously wrong act that is presumptive and takes God�s grace, mercy, and forgiveness for granted. God can give you the wisdom and the discernment to recognize when this is something a person is considering. I hope this helps, Liberty

QUESTION: I recently had an unusual dream. As I had bound my mind to Christ so that my dreams would only be from the Lord, what is the best way for me to verify that this particular dream was from the Lord? Or, should I just believe it is so? Your discernment on this would be of great assistance. Pat

ANSWER: Binding your mind to the mind of Christ is not a guarantee that whatever you dream is from Him as long as there are still wrong patterns of thoughts and unresolved memories still rolling around in your mind�particularly if you are doing something to feed or reinforce them. Fearful recycling of the bad dreams can even do this. You are going to have to keep binding your mind to the mind of Christ, loosing soulish input, and trust He will reveal this answer to you. The unsurrendered soul is very powerful and will attempt to direct you through dreams. Your unsurrendered soul cannot be trusted to put forth good ideas through dreams because it basically rejects God�s input into its healing processes, its decisions, and it motivations. Keep asking God if it was Him or your soul�s unmet needs, unhealed hurts, or unresolved issues that prompted your dream. He is the only one who really knows, and He is willing to tell you if you truly want the truth. Liberty

QUESTION: Dear Liberty, I and a friend are both in the process of losing weight (which we have tried many times before). My cousin sent your Shattering Your Strongholds book and workbook to me. My friend ordered the books, too. We agreed to study and do this together as we �loose� this weight. We belong to a group of ladies online who support each other through prayer, encouragement, and the Word. We live all over the country and want to be able to do SYS online, but we don�t want to break any copyright laws. All of our group bought the books, but there are others�saved and unsaved�who are able to view our thread who probably have not. We would like to refer to questions and maybe some quotes from your book, etc. Is this a problem?

We are all excited to start and would love to hear from you soon. We just want to be free! We are praising the Lord for this tool that He taught you and had you put together! Thank you, dear sister.

ANSWER: P, I think you might have come up with something very good here. As long as everyone in your main group has the book to study (because it is important for everyone to understand what they are actually doing when they use the Keys of the Kingdom, binding and losing), I will authorize you to do the following:

You may refer online to the SYS questions, use quotes from the book (not to exceed one paragraph at a time, please), and use single questions from the workbook in your discussions. I do suggest that you recommend that everyone read certain pages or chapters in the book so that your discussions are more focused. Please show author (Rev. Liberty Savard), publisher (Bridge-Logos Publishing), and URL whenever you quote anything from the books. As you are working together on this, feel free to contact me if any issues come up that you want help with. God bless you, Liberty

QUESTION: I want to get started in ministry. It seems like others always get more opportunities than I do. I am trying hard not to have hard feelings when someone who doesn�t seem to deserve it gets to lead meetings. K.

ANSWER: K, while you have not said that others are getting their opportunities through deception or wrong practices (good for you!), look at what the Apostle Paul tells us he did when others stepped in because he was imprisoned and unable to minister. The Message version of the Word says it so well in Philippians 1:17-19:

�The others, now that I�m out of the picture, are merely greedy, hoping to get something out of it for themselves. Their motives are bad. They see me as their competition, and so the worse it goes for me, the better�they think�for them. So how am I to respond? I�ve decided that I really don�t care about their motives, whether mixed, bad, or indifferent. Every time one of them opens his mouth, Christ is proclaimed, so I just cheer them on! And I�m going to keep that celebration going because I know how it�s going to turn out. Through your faithful prayers and the generous response of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, everything he wants to do in and through me will be done.�

Paul cared that the Gospel was being preached more than he cared about who was preaching it. This can be difficult when your soul wants recognition. Getting wrapped up in wanting recognition can cause you to miss the main point of ministry: That others might know about Jesus Christ. Keep binding your will to the will of God, your mind to the mind of Christ, and your emotions to the healing balance of the Holy Spirit. Keep loosing all wrong patterns of thinking and wrong beliefs from your soul. Loosing wrong ideas and attitudes will help you see how Jesus taught Paul to think.

If you don�t have opportunities to minister, then begin to minister encouragement, prayer, and help to those who are ministering. Minister encouragement, prayer, and help to whoever the Lord seems to point you towards in your daily life. Do it with good motives�do it just to be a blessing. Don�t do it looking for contacts, paybacks, and speaking opportunities. Your time to step into your ministry is not running out. God may just want to polish you up a bit more so that when your opportunity comes, you will really shine! Liberty

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