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Question: Hi. I just read that no parts of your books are to be copied in virtually any way without permission. What I am asking permission for is to print the training prayers out for easier access for my own use with myself and my immediate family. It would be hard for me to come up with the money needed to buy your prayer charts. My family and I are in desparate need and it would really help for me to be able to just pull out sheets of paper than to constantly going through the books to find the prayers. I am hoping that this being for just personal use it will be alright to do this. Please e-mail me. My name is K. Thankyou

Answer: I appreciate your enthusiasum for the principles, they are exciting! And they do work! As far as typing out the prayers, I must tell you what I tell everyone else. These prayers are from copyrighted material and reproduction without permission is not legal. I have invested years in working on this message and writing the books. The only repayment for those years of work is the royalties I get from selling the books now. This income helps to support my ministry and make it possible for me to donate books to the outreaches I work with. This income also helps me to go to small churches and ministries and prisons who cannot give me any offerings or remuneration for my time spent with them. My publisher has spent thousands and thousands of dollars in producing artwork, printing schedules, and the final books. The only way he will ever recoup his expenses is to sell the books. These books certainly intended to help people, but we do hope people realize that great work went into making them available to the public and we would like to keep providing more ministry (which requires some
form of support coming in from previous book sales).

I appreciate your asking me about reproducing the prayers, but I would ask you not to. There is another reason. The best way to pray those prayers is to fully understand why you are praying the way you are praying. I have spoken with several people who come up to me and say that they were given the prayers, prayed them, things got worse, and so they stopped. If you don't understand why things get worse, if you don't understand what your prayers are tearing through, you won't understand the opposition that comes.

I heard one young man in jail, who had only been given a copy of the prayers to be prayed, say that he was binding the judge to his will so that when he went to court he would get off for what he had done. I have had pastors tell me that they are afraid to have my books in their churches because of how their people have become totally soulish in praying the prayers, putting their own personal twists on them. This is a completely soulish use of the prayers and can get you in trouble. It always grieves me.

People ask me all the time why I don't just publish the prayers. I don't because too many people today want a quick fix and figure why read the book and learn the principles behind the prayers when maybe just saying printed prayers will work. These prayers are a tool that goes along with the knowledge presented in great detail in the books so that we might pray right prayers. They were only to teach people how to pray from their own spirits. They were never intended to be packed around and referenced over and over. They are not intended so we can try to use the keys to pray what we want. The teaching of the books is so that people will finally arrive at the end result of praying the only right prayer there is: NOT MY WILL, LORD, BUT THY WILL BE DONE IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: My fianc´┐Ż is very attached to his mother. After his father passed away two years ago, he began to take care of his mother and all of her affairs. They began doing lots of things together, just the two of them--vacations, movies, etc. Then he became a Christian a few months ago and then we met. We both believe we are from God, but his mother does not. She talks badly of me to him and if he and I have problems, he tells his mother everything that we say. He puts her before me in all situations, and I feel she meets all his emotional and psychological needs. When I am around them, she treats him like a child. Can you give me any advice?

Answer: You need to be praying the binding and loosing "training wheel" prayers in Shattering Your Strongholds (my first book) for yourself, for your fiance, and for your fiance's mother. Pray the prayers on page 131 and 139 for yourself, and pray the prayers on page 171 for him and then pray them for her just as they are written. Do not be tempted to adjust the wording until you become comfortable with praying this prayer for both your fiance and for his mother. You must be very careful about judging this woman's intentions and about judging whether or not she and her son have a wrong relationship.

It does sound like they could have soul ties between them. Soul ties are the outcome of entering into wrong agreements with another person. You should read Breaking the Power (my second book) to understand these and then pray the prayer for breaking soul ties (found in this book). Don't let yourself become critical, judgmental, or fearful. God knows exactly what is going on here and regardless of what you think you might have figured out, you really don't know what is going on.

Pray and loose all layers over the unmet needs and unhealed hurts and unresolved issues in your own life so you can hear clearly from God. I'm concerned that you are allowing your soul to influence you here, as well as allowing your fiance's soul to influence you. You are probably being quite affected by your fiance's unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and his tendencies towards seeking soul ties with those he is emotionally attached to. Let God be God here, in all ways and in timing, or you may find yourself in a very difficult situation. If he is the man God has chosen for you, you can step back and trust God to heal him, as well as his mother, and then bring you both together in a right relationship. You more than likely need some healing yourself and God is wanting you to allow Him to do that, too. Remember, you can trust everyone involved in this situation to God. Faith is trust and confidence in the goodness of God towards you. Fear is a lack of trust and confidence in the goodness of God towards you.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: For years, I have carried the bulk of keeping my marriage going, and I am literally "worn out" with the stress of it all. If I leave my spouse, will I ruin my chance of ever being used in ministry by God? My Bible says that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. My spouse is not saved, and I don't want to refuse to be used to help this salvation experience to happen. But, I'm just so discouraged.

Answer: I'm not going to try to play a word game here, but you are worn out from trying to carry something that your soul can't figure out how to carry, how to fix, or how to strengthen in its own power. You say you have Shattering Your Strongholds and the Marriage Prayer Chart. Go back to the original prayers in Shattering Your Strongholds on pages 131, 139, and 171 and begin to pray those--over, and over, and over. Do this until you feel you are able to honestly pray the prayers on the marriage prayer chart.

The gifts of God are irrevocable, given without any taking back, but your being able to express them with divine influence is not a guarantee. Especially if you are struggling with a hardening in your own soul/heart. You have to be able to receive freely and purely from God's Spirit to express His gifts with pure divine influence. That is the same principle as Shell Oil Company giving you a wonderful car that no one else knew how to maintain and fuel but them, but they promised you all of the maintenance and gasoline you would ever need to use the car to its maximum potential. All you had to do was keep your "lines" open to receive their fuel and help. If you were not willing to receive Shell's input and influence to help you, it would only be a matter of time before you would be out of gas and perhaps have a maintenance problem. From that point on, you would have to push this fine car with your own strength to get it anywhere. The gift would become a burden. Without divine influence being allowed to flow freely through a person's soul, the gifts of God's Spirit just don't work as well through that life as they are meant to. They can become a soulish expression meant for good, yet having a hidden or soulish agenda (i.e. doing nice thing, really nice things, for someone so that they think you are an extremely nice person. Power, anointing, and gifts from God are always for service, never for status.)

Can a divorced person be mightily used of God. Absolutely! When a divorced person has surrendered all bad feelings and attitudes and unforgiveness towards his or her spouse (as well as all other people), anyone can become a clean, open, flowing channel of God's power and anointing--regardless of what they have done in their past. However, you are not divorced, but still in a difficult marriage. You still have the opportunity of being able to receive help from God for your marriage. I would encourage you to seek His direction and guidance without allowing yourself to feel influenced all of the "natural" human feelings you described. God will not hold mistakes you have made in the past against you. You may find the consequences of mistakes you might make willfully from this point on to be a little harder to overcome than you wish. But consequences come from every choice we make, some good, some bad. Willfullness just makes the consequences harder to get through, that's all.

Not handling the consequences with pure motives and intentions, rather with resentment and feelings of being unfairly treated by God, may harden you and diminish your ability to receive from Him. If you are able to get completely free of your own wrong attitudes and feelings (through binding and loosing prayers used on your own soul), guaranteeing you could receive all God had, you would be able to also see your marriage and your husband differently. That may sound pretty hard,but God wants us to look at our relationships from the other person's point of view and His point of view. Our point of view is at the bottom of the list.

I did a study on the words understand/understanding in the Scriptures. The original Greek for this word means: to bring your perception of a "thing" (circumstance, belief, pattern of thinking, relationship, etc.) into alignment with the reality of that thing. Perception means the impression of something that we receive through our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, without any divine influence). We all know that any one of these senses can trick or deceive us, i.e. slight of hand tricks by a magician. Reality means God's perception and truth of of the "thing" being perceived by senses that cannot always be trusted.

I know you are discouraged and tired. But, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. He needs you emptied, pliable, willing to be helped, for Him to strengthen you. Your spouse's salvation is not your responsibility. However, divine love allowed to flow freely through a child of God always wants to do whatever it can to help bring another person to the point of seeing how much God loves them. The first thing you need to do is tell God you want to have a paradigm shift in your thinking and that is what you are going to stretch yourself towards. That means you want to see everything in your life (and I know that it must be very difficult from what you describe, please know that I am not ignoring that) from God's perspective, not your own. Christ's life was very hard, but He still wanted the Father's will alone. We will be praying with you.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: Why can't I stop fantasizing about the way I think things should be, and settle for what I have? What stronghold is involved here?

Answer: You have learned to comfort yourself with certain fantasy thought patterns, a form of mental and emotional stimulation. At some point in your life, possibly during a traumatic or frightening time when you felt uncomforted, insecure, and unnurtured, you learned how to stimulate yourself (mentally, emotionally, or physically) to release endorphins (the natural, internal "feel good" hormone our brains crave).

There is no specific stronghold here to loose, but you have stronghold thinking patterns protecting the belief that you are the only one who really cares about how you feel, that you have to do something to initiate your own sense of well-being. Such a personal, inner stronghold is (according the original Greek manuscripts of the Bible) the logic and reasoning we use to defend our rights to believe what we have chosen to believe must be true. You have learned to think that even God will not comfort you or give you a sense of well being, regardless of what you might have been told or read in the Word. Therefore, you will create your own "sense of well being."

Continue to bind your will to the will of God, bind your mind to the mind of Christ, and loose false, erroneous thought patterns and wrong beliefs. Loose deception and denial your soul is using to protect these same wrong through patterns. You need to "re-train" your brain to accept new means of getting its endorphins. Unfortunately, I can't offer yet you my newest book which covers this, but it will be out in July. I may have something about this in my April newsletter.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: You seem pretty casual about the Y2K problem. Our pastor doesn't seem concerned either. He says God hasn't forgotten how to make manna. I'm glad Noah had some wisdom, and just didn't say, "Well, god will take care of us"! We need to prepare to take care of those who don't have the vaguest idea about where manna comes from. Are we not our brother's keeper? Come on, somebody, lets not get so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good. I know what I feel in me is from God and I cannot seem to get very many supporters to help prepare for the Y2K. I know that my ARK will be well supplied. I am not a panic-type person, but am a planner and organizer. I like being 'prepared'. Shall I cast these feelings aside, or should I pursue deeper?

Answer: The Y2K situation is an excellent opportunity to witness and speak to others' fears (both those of non-believers and believers). The worst thing about this pending situation is the unwarranted fear that is building in people. Concern is fine, even reasonable preparation is fine, but fear is never fine. Far too many people are speaking a self-fulfilling prophecy of panic and fear into being .

You speak of the "wisdom" of Noah, who acted upon a direct command of God to build an ark. That was wisdom, of course. It also took faith to believe that God had spoken directly to him. I do not believe God has spoken fear-producing "wisdom" to any true prophet in the body of Christ today regarding Y2K. If you think I am "prophesying" falsely, then there will be a sure date of proving whether this is true or not--said date being only a little over nine months away.

God does not use fear to accomplish anything. If you would check your original Greek (I use Thayer's Greek-English lexicon with Strong's numbering system) on the Scripture that says God has not given us a spirit of fear, you would find that it basically means this: That the Spirit of Christ in us removes any room in our spirits for fear. There is no fear in the spirit of the born-again Christian. Rather, fear is a powerful negative emotion of the human soul (the mind, will, and emotions that make each one of us unique). When a Christian's soul is not fully surrendered and aligned to the truth of his or her born-again spirit, the soul can call up all kinds of fear-producing "data" that seems to make complete sense to the mind. When this occurs, the powerful emotion of fear can override the input of God's Spirit through the individual's born-again spirit into the soul.

Fear is not an evil spirit that attacks us. Again, neither is fear anything God will use to prompt us to take action. It is one of the most powerful human emotions that can be exploited for profit. People, most all of them in secular settings, are setting themselves up to make a lot of money over the Y2K panic now building across America.

However, I do not think it is "nothing," and I regret if that is how the web answer came across. Still, while there are so many screaming panic, some one needs to (if not several rational voices) downplay the alarm sounding that so many are fearing. We need balance here.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: I have been married for years to a non-believer. I have been praying the binding and loosing prayers for him. Before he married me, he was involved for some time with another woman. Can I pray the binding and loosing prayers for breaking soul ties be prayed for him, without his knowledge or approval, and break any soul ties that might exist?

Answer: You cannot totally sever any existing soul ties he has without his agreement. BUT, I firmly believe, backed up with evidence from personal praying and testimonies from others, that when all of the binding and loosing principles involved in praying for other people are prayed faithfully, without interjecting personal opinions, judgments, criticism, or praying of "prayers that go amiss," you can really rattle and disturb the existence of soul ties in another person's life. That is a great beginning.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Introduction: Okay, Q.E., from the many questions and prayer requests you have sent this week, I believe you are looking for some truth and some real answers, and I'm willing to try to give them to you. I hope you are willing to see them as coming with love and grace, as well as a strong dose of reality. If you do not see these answers as helpful, then I apologize, for I have misjudged what you were asking. The Bible does not say to get all the compassion, love, support, encouragement, sympathy, etc. you can . . . and you will be healed and set free. The Bible says: Know (understand) the truth (of God's principles and love) and that truth will set you free. These answers are probably not going to be comfortable, but I hope you will allow them to be the beginning of understanding God's truth.

Question: Thanks for always responding to my previous questions and prayer requests. I am still praying and letting God peel away the layers in my life to shatter the strongholds.

Answer: You need to understand that if you are praying and binding your will to God's will and loosing the layers of your stronghold thinking, you are peeling away the layers of your life. God is empowering you to do this because He said in His Word that He would. But please recognize that you must knowingly make the choice to do this so that you will really focus on understanding what you are trying to accomplish--you're dismantling the self-power structure of your unsurrendered soul so it can no longer control your life.

Question: We need prayer for our financial situation. We used credit cards to live on for several months while I went through a deep depression and was out of work. It has really affected our marriage because I feel my spouse blames me for this very large financial burden now. What can I do?

Answer: Your mate may be blaming you, but that is not your problem. Pray and bind your mate's will and mind to God's will and the mind of Christ, and ask God to give understanding of what needs to be done to go forward. Don't argue with your mate, just pray the above for this person.

Question: I am trying very hard to get a job at this time but do you think this will solve the problem of no communication or intimacy between us? I guess I don't.

Answer: No, it won't. That intimacy will start to come only as you let Got get in past the layers of your stronghold thinking to heal some of the unhealed hurts in your soul and meet some of the unmet needs in your soul that NOTHING AND NO ONE BUT GOD can meet--not you, not your spouse, not money, etc.

Question: The enemy (Satan) has been out for the past year to destroy our marriage, but I keep telling him this is one marriage that will stand.

Answer: That is really not as productive as you need to be. You need to keep telling yourself, your soul, that this is one marriage that will stand. You need to keep declaring this in prayer and affirming your agreement with God on it. Don't waste your time telling the devil anything about it. Let him figure it out by having to watch you taking a new attitude about letting God's principles work for you.

Question: The only things we fight over is mostly money and my mate's lack of affection towards me.

Answer: Remember one thing: Money means nothing to the Lord, for He could "speak" thousands into existence in your life if He thought it would help. What He is allowing is for money to be exposed in your lives for what it means to each of you. It sounds like using credit cards was a way to avoid standing on your faith that God was able and willing to fix the problems that started long ago. Now it sounds like money has become a power issue between you and your mate. When you can believe that your problems stem from money, then the lack of intimacy "issue" can be pushed down to a secondary issue.

Question: I battle depression that stems from a root of rejection from the womb. How can binding and loosing prayers help me here?

Answer: I'm sorry to say this so directly when it has been a crutch in your way of coping with life, but I believe the teaching of a "root of rejection in the womb" is pure bunk. It has a secular, humanistic source and it is not scriptural. Rejection is a painful and sometimes crippling wrong attitude the unsurrendered soul uses to excuse desperate holding on to wrong patterns of thinking that only spiral you downward. You need to loose all wrong attitudes, wrong patterns of thinking, wrong mindsets, and wrong beliefs that this wrong "teaching" has caused to cripple your mental and emotional health. You need to again bind your mind to the mind of Christ and ask for Him to give you a paradigm shift in how you think about why you feel do discouraged and depressed.

Please let us know how you are doing. We will be praying for you to get a major breakthrough.

God bless you, Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: I was browsing through your website. I read your article concerning the unsurrendered soul. I believe that's what my problem is. Right now Satan has a deep stronghold on my life. I need to be delivered from lust, adulterous thoughts, depression, fear and financial bondage. I've been struggling in these areas for years and I want to be free. I want to serve God and do right, but it seems like something just won't let me. I want to walk in the Spirit and live a victorious life, but I can't. If you can help me in any way please contact me. "T"

Answer: Satan can only get to you through the doors you've opened to him through your building of strongholds in your own soul. You can force your unsurrendered soul to shut those doors. Do you really want to be free? If you do, you need to understand certain facts about yourself so you will know how to allow God to help you get free. Every human being is created body, soul, and spirit. Your body is the natural part of you that relates to the natural world around you. Your body or flesh relates through your five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.

Your body is incapable of making intellectual and/or moral decisions, it only "follows" what appears to be in control of your entire makeup. Your body is meant to be strictly a physical "vehicle." It is directed by either your unsurrendered soul or your born-again spirit. But if your soul abandons its responsibility to hear from God's Spirit (through your spirit) and obey His commands, then your body will look for external forms of temptation and stimulation to follow.

If you are a born-again Christian, your human spirit has been reunited with the Holy Spirit of Christ and the Father. The God-intended human spirit-to-Holy Spirit union for mankind was forever broken when Adam and Eve first sinned in the Garden of Eden. Every human being born since then was humanly birthed with a spirit that was basically "orphaned," cut off from communion, from the Spirit of the God. Everything that Jesus Christ wants you to know--all guidance, revelation, direction, help, empowerment--is communicated into your spirit. The human spirit will then attempt to communicate this information through your soul (your mind, will, and emotions).

Your soul (your mind, will, and emotions) is what makes you uniquely you.

From your natural birth on, certain things were supposed to be imparted to you by your human parents: love, nurturing, security, acceptance, mercy, grace, spiritual teaching, natural teaching, gender identity, concepts, principles, etc. When any of these Divinely-planned human impartations did not occur (they are like building blocks going into creating a "whole" you), a "hole" occurred in the forming of the foundation of your character and personality.

You, then, are left to face life with a weakened sense of identity, security, and sense of strength to face life's situations. These "holes" become the unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues eating away at the deepest recesses of your human soul. They are like toxic waste pits that store up corrosive, toxic thinking such as unforgiveness, anger, self-hatred, bitterness, fear, doubt, etc.

God never intended for us to blame our parents or other authority figures who did not impart these perfect building blocks to us as we were growing up. These reason is this: our imperfect parents and other imperfect authority figures who pass through our lives at various times of our growth, have also been the "victims" of their own imperfect parents and imperfect authority figures who passed through their lives. And imperfect people passed through those imperfect peoples' lives. To try to find out who we should be able to blame for why we are the way we are would mean that we needed to go clear back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and place the blame where it originally started. That is not very effective in helping you and me today. So, finding someone to blame for our wounds and needs is not the answer. The world thinks it is, but God says it isn't. Who are you going to choose to believe?

As we try to cope with life, we learn (through various means) that there are certain ungodly, even destructive behaviors that can seem to "take away" the pain, the neediness, the pressure, the fear, temporarily. But even potentially destructive, temporary relief can seem preferable to the pain and terror that comes when you fear there is no relief at all. This is why some people turn to alcohol, drugs, homosexual behavior, and behaviors that they know may ultimately destroy them. They learn that these behaviors at least dull the frightening needs and drives within them at least for a short while.

Why doesn't God fix these areas? Especially when you ask for His help? Because during your life you have learned to protect your wrong behavioral systems that constitute your self-protective devices that you think are your only defense against further pain in your soul. Even though these self-defended wrong behaviors don't permanently fix your inner turmoil, they can appear to help you cope momentarily with your pain and your need.

These protections you put into place are the mental rationalizations and justifications you think of to excuse the things you find yourself doing that you know are self-destructive. This is exactly what the self-constructed strongholds are in your mind. God wants to help you tear all of that down so He can come into the inner defense chambers of your soul and help you be completely healed and delivered and freed. But He will not force His way into the defenses that you have built up to try to protect yourself. You must dismantle those self-constructed defenses which are called "strongholds." The divinely empowered "keys" to do this are found in Matthew 16:19. The directive to do this is found in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

Go back to the Liberty Savard Ministries, Inc. website page with the BTP prayers which you can pray to begin to take down all of the defense systems in your own soul. Then ask God to pour grace and mercy and healing into every area of vulnerability that you expose with your prayers. It would also be a very helpful thing for you to purchase a copy of "Shattering Your Strongholds" and read it to understand exactly what you are doing. We do care and obviously you care, too, or you would not have written to us. God bless you, we're praying for you. Let us know how you are doing.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: I have read Shattering Your Strongholds and am starting on Breaking the Power. Are there any specific binding and loosing prayers I can pray over my marriage? I am standing in the gap for my marriage, as my spouse and I are (at this time) separated and living apart, but not divorced. There is another person involved in my spouse's life. This is the second affair that I am aware of. I believe this is a result of a generational curse, because of my spouse's family history. I would appreciate anything you can tell me. "D"

Answer: "D," Actually this behavior on your spouse's part is a result of trying to meet his/her own deep unmet needs that have probably been in his/her life for decades, coming from years before he/she ever met you. Even though your spouse may want to be faithful to you, the ongoing pressure of his/her oldest unmet needs finally seemed too "much" to his/her faulty belief of what he/she could or could not handle without self-destructing. Rather than seeking help from you or others, your spouse has made some really wrong choices to seek his/her own relief.

In Breaking the Power (which you say you're now starting after having already read Shattering Your Strongholds) you will find several prayers that can be used for such a situation, they are always at least a page long and in italics. You can "revise" any one of these prayers to pray for your spouse, yourself and for the other partners your spouse has been involved with. Particularly pray the Breaking of Soul Ties prayer in the Soul Power and Soul Ties chapter of BTP--for you and your spouse and anyone else who may have been involved.

There does not need to be a specific "marriage" prayer as you requested, because the binding and loosing concepts used as "keys" to conduct spiritual business in heavenly realms are the same in any area that needs resolution. But, there may not be any reference in the BTP prayers to one additional item you should be praying after making sure you have bound everyone involved to the will of God and the mind of Christ. This new part will be explained in detail in my newest book (for it is not an easy principle for one who has been deeply hurt to accept at first), Producing the Promise!, which will be released in July 1999 (it can be pre-ordered now). The new principle is this: loose the effects and influences of all wrong agreements off of everyone who has been a part of them in this circumstance.

This definitely applies to your spouse who has entered into wrong agreements with others that they could meet his/her oldest needs. It also applies to you and your feelings of betrayal, rejection, and pain. Coming into wrong agreement with others by seeking comfort out of their support of your victim status (no matter how much they love you or want to be supportive) through their agreement with your pain and sense of betrayal will not fix the problem or make you whole and healed. In fact, it will actually create a form of "wrong agreement power" that darkness feeds on to not only stay involved, but to always make things keep getting worse.

I pray that God's grace and mercy will be upon you as you read the following sentence carefully and know it is truth: Whether or not you have been hurt and betrayed is really not the issue if you want to stop the enemy from making everything worse. Continuation of the enemy's involvement will only be perpetuated by your receiving agreement over your pain and betrayal. I know this might sound pretty hard, even cold, but Christians need to understand that compassionate support may indeed help them keep from self-destructing in their initial shock of betrayal. But if that same compassion and support only enables them to feel comforted because others agree with the injustice of what has been done to them, they will have a much harder time of moving towards being healed and made whole by God. Agreement with a victim status (no matter how real it actually is) keeps the victim from going beyond that status.

God requires right agreements to work through to manifest His will on earth, particularly in this situation. You are going to have to be the one who initially seeks to make right agreements here, while steadfastly rejecting any wrong agreement with others, no matter how much they believe they are trying to help you. What are the right agreements regarding everyone involved in this situation?

1. That God's will be done in each and every life involved (by name if known)
2. That God's truth be understood in each and every soul involved
3. That each and every mind involved be bound to the mind of Christ
4. That resolution of the problem be focused upon healing everyone involved
5. That everyone involved will repent and forgive
6. That stronghold thinking will be broken in the souls of everyone involved
7. That soul ties will be broken between the souls of everyone involved (even you and your spouse)
8. That the effects and influences of all wrong agreements made between, by, and about each and every person involved be loosed (crushed, shattered, dissolved, etc.)
9. That God's grace and mercy would be poured out upon each and every person involved.

Every single major prayer in SYS and BTP can be "tailored" to use the binding and loosing keys to accomplish these right agreements.

We will be praying with you. Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: We went to a Y2K presentation last night at my church and it has been on my mind every since. I had never given it much though until last night. I must say it was an eye opener. What are your thoughts on this subject? I would like to know. It seems God is trying to tell us something and I do not want to miss is. I want to be prepared for Him and His calling. In His Name, LEK

Answer: I believe we should be careful not to respond in fear to what people are saying in the world and even from the pulpit regarding Y2K. There are a lot of people in the world, and even some in the Church, who are making money off of the fear this has generated. This computer date "glitch" is not a surprise to God and He will keep His people from harm according to how much they will receive peace and wisdom from Him. It is just a little reminder that the people of God can use to show the world how God gives His children peace that He will take care of them. I feel it is a great opportunity to witness. Do not ignore it entirely, for it would be wisdom to see that you have some extra water, prepared food and candles for a few days until the "projected" bugs surface as they are anticipated. But do not fear that the world is going to spin out of control over this, IT IS NOT. When Jesus sent out the disciples, He told them not to care about what they would need or eat, it would be provided. There were just to take their cloaks and their sandals and go. God is in control and no one who really wants to hear His voice on this issue will "miss" any of His messages or guidance.

But do bind your mind to the mind of Christ and loose fear and the effects and influences of wrong agreements from yourself every time you start to get nervous about what you are hearing.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: How do you bind a witch from doing harm to other people? "WITCH OF RESERVE"

Answer: Christ has said that He would give His people the keys of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God means the rule of God. The keys were binding and loosing. Binding means to tie, to weave, to intertwine, to hold fast, to heal, to persuade, to cause fragmented pieces to coalesce and come back into one whole. Loosing means to shatter, crush, break off, rip up, tear to pieces, and render into minute fragments. Jesus said that whatsoever I would bind and loose on earth would be bound and loosed in heaven. This is authority to bind and loose on earth that which has already been bound and loosed according to God's will in heaven.

So, I bind the witch's will to the will and purposes of the one and only Almighty God and Creator of universe. I bind the witch's mind to the mind of Jesus Christ. I bind the witch's hands to the work God has ordained for these end times. I bind the witch's feet to the paths God has ordained for walking in. I bind the witch to the truth of God's sovereignty, to the truth of Christ's sovereignty, and to the truth of the written Word of Scripture.

I loose the wrong thought patterns, wrong attitudes, wrong beliefs, and wrong ideas from the witch's soul. I loose the hold of wrong teaching, deception, and half truths out of the witch's soul. I loose the effects and influences of wrong agreements out of the witch's soul and off of those who have ever entered into agreement with the witch. Then I loose the effects and influences of all word curses spoken by the witch.

All of the works of darkness and demonic manifestations and demonstrations are worked through the souls of humans.  Witches are human beings who have surrendered their soul power to these works of darkness. I use the keys of the Kingdom (the rule of God) to disrupt the bondage of their darkness and shed some light into their souls.

Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: After I've started binding and loosing, when can I expect to see results? Stephen

Answer: Dear Stephen:
If you are following the principles of binding and loosing prayers as set forth in "Shattering Your Strongholds" and "Breaking the Power," some people feel a release of the control issues within their own souls immediately. Others within a few days. Some people, whose souls have built up elaborate self-defense and self-protection systems,
may not be aware of the impact for a longer period of time.

But every time the prayers are prayed, there is a dismantling of some sort in the strongholds and walls within the unsurrendered soul of the person praying them. The thing to remember is that those walls and strongholds were established there by the self-will of the soul of the individual. Becoming born-again does not automatically bring them down. Paul was talking to the born-again believers in Corinth when he said they needed to tear down their strongholds and pull down every "high thing" exalting itself between them and their knowledge of God. Those "high things" are self-defense systems, self-denial, self deception that the unsurrendered soul has been using and continues to use to try to deal with existing memories of great trauma, unhealed pain, unresolved issues, and unmet needs--and what the soul perceives as dangerous in the form of increasing and adding to the existing pain and need. Anything that the soul establishes like this by choices of the will stand until you dismantle them.

God will not override your free will and tear them down. Nor will God bypass them to heal you. He wants voluntary access to the inner parts of your soul. Fear of further pain can keep those walls in place even if you're begging God to heal. But Christ clearly said He was giving us keys to the Kingdom that we could use to tear those stronghold walls down (Matthew 16:19). This opens up voluntary access into the areas of the soul that most need God's help.

I hope this helps. Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: Dearest Liberty, Blessings to you! Our church had a study of your book "Shattering Your Strongholds" last year and this year we just started on "Breaking The Power". I would like to find out if it is all right to loose poverty and the effects of it on our family and bind us to the prosperity (financial and otherwise) of God? I am continuing to bind our minds and wills to God and His truth. Thank you.

Answer: Thanks for the question. It isn't going to hurt anything to loose poverty and its effects on your family, but it is quite possible it won't help anything either. Generally, a problem of lack of finances and poverty is the result of wrong patterns of thinking and money, wrong beliefs about money, wrong attitudes about money and the true source of all
provision, and here is a biggie: the effects and influences of wrong agreements spoken by or spoken about your family (which may go back for generations). I'm not speaking here of a spiritual generational bondage curse, rather I am talking about the negative spiritual influences that always show up to take over any "territory" or "access" that multiple negative agreement creates.

I truly believe that evil spirits derive their right to inflict loss and pain upon individuals because of the "force" or "power" created through multiplied wrong agreements generations of a family come into. Right agreements with principles of God create a means for the power of God to flow into a situation. Wrong agreements that conflict with the principles of God create a means for the power of darkness to flow into a situation. This was covered in detail in the Liberty Savard Ministries Inc. July newsletter. I hope you are on the mailing list and received one.

I would continue to bind your family members, corporately and individually as the Holy Spirit leads, to right patterns of thinking about money and the true source of all of our provision, to right attitudes about His resources and provision and He gives them in differing amounts to different people, and to right agreements about God's blessings. God does not have "favorite" people He can bless with more money than others, God uses money or allows money to be withheld to accomplish different purposes. There are simply some people who can be used more "safely" than others to disburse money according to His will and purpose.

I would loose the wrong patterns of thinking, wrong beliefs, wrong attitudes, and the effects and influences of wrong agreements about money. Money or the lack of the money is not the problem. Money as we know it means nothing to God. Money is nothing but a tool to be used for right purposes. Remember that the Bible does not say that money is the root of all evil, it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. That word "love" as used here encompasses desires for money which exceed our desires for the things of the kingdom of God, wrong beliefs in the power of money in itself, greediness, stinginess, etc.

Money is definitely not the problem, for God can create it or manifest it in any amount, anywhere, any time He wants to. The problem is: our desires, our beliefs, our attitudes about money and what it really means to us. When we reach the point that we are truly willing to do God's will in God's way in God's timing, all provision and abundance and money (if necessary) will always be provided. If an abundance of money would enable us to pursue our own will and our own desires, even if they were only one degree off from God's will and desires, then our paths would just continue to grow farther and farther apart every day. I hope this gives you some understanding of how best to pray.

God bless, Rev. Liberty Savard

Question: How do I deal with family members who refuse to see that there has been a change in me since I've been a Christian? I know there has, but they keep saying I'm just the same old person no matter what I call myself.

Answer: Sometimes our families seem to want to try to "hold" us at the level of our worst failures and weakness, don't they? First of all, recognize you can't really do anything about your family except pray for them and forgive them for whatever they say to you. Pray the binding and loosing prayers on page 171 of Shattering Your Strongholds over every one of them. Also keep praying the prayers on page 131 and 139 for yourself. As you continue to change, and you relax about how others view you, they will eventually recognize it.

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