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My son is 27 and he is studying Liberty's books. He came in on Thanksgiving day and said the Lord told him to bind everyone who was coming to our Thanksgiving dinner to the will of God. So we did, including my husband's 97 year old grandmother's mind to the mind of Christ. She hasn't known who any of were for 6 years! We bound her memory to Christ! Guess what! She remembered us and my house! The people at the nursing home were amazed because she came back a different person!

I am a spirit-filled Christian the age of 52. I have done all the "how to's" that the Charismatics can offer! I have been seeking God with tears for years, while travailing that He would not let me be deceived. I did all my check lists, sin? Nope, don't think so. Unforgivness? Nope, don't think so. Serving God? Praying? Yes. But then I would lay down at night and ask God, " Why do I feel there is a whole lot more? Where are the miracles, signs and wonders, joy and peace?" You don't dare tell the rest of the "flock" that you feel amiss, especially when you are used so many times in healing and deliverance and words of knowledge. Still I felt that I was falling so short! I still dealt with the trash of my childhood, pains from betrayal of a pastor, and on and on. NO VICTORY in my thought life, either!

I was weeping, seeking God last week, and asking Him what was WRONG with me! Then we went to the "Passion of the Christ." I couldn't get the "whipping post" out of my mind. The Lord started showing me how most of us are still tied to it! Letting all the hurts, bad memories, wounds from the past, rejection, daily assaults from the enemy , the world and even our mates, just keep pounding away at us. Did you ever stop to think Jesus didn't do any miracles or healings while He was tied to that post getting beat to death! So here we are--tied up, receiving blows--no oil, no binding up of our wounds. Yet we feel guilty thinking that something is wrong with us because we are so ineffective in this lost and dying world. SLASH--another blow ! Now add that to my pile of guilt!

God started showing me that Jesus paid the price to "GET FREE" from the post. I said, OK, how do I do this because all the old ways don't work. I have tried them! He told me to go the the Christian book store and get a book on "Inner Healing." I had a daughter (with a small baby) who was about to get a divorce, but my whole family needed "inner healing." The Holy Spirit led me to Shattering your Strongholds. Needless to say the miracles started almost right away. The first was that my grandson hates his solid food (he is a breast fed baby). So my daughter, after hearing me talk about the book, said, "I bind your eating habits to the will of God, Adam!" Little Adam opened his mouth and starting eating like a starved puppy! I bound my sleeping to God's will and went to bed. Next thing I knew, I heard the alarm go off and thought, "Why is that going off before I even get to sleep good?" I had slept like a baby for 8 hours.

My husband and I both prayed the "soul" prayer this morning, so look out! This was not meant to be a novel, just a note, but I am so thankful to you. May God bless you for obeying and writing these books. Thank you so much! I am the head of the Prayer Team at our church, and I was feeling really "un-armed." Your books have given me the breakthrough I needed. Two weeks ago the Lord spoke though me at church, and His final words were: Because now is the time for your Breakthrough!" A women at church had brought a banner that same day that the Lord told her to bring and lay on the alter. Her banner had "BREAKTHROUGH" written on it in huge letters! So you and your ministry have touched a small church in Texas. I know the revelation in your books will set many captives free. I am so thankful. God Bless and keep you, Liberty! KD in Texas

I still can't believe you write people back! Too many ministers are just tooooooo involved in "working for Jesus" to take the time to feed His sheep. You are a wonderful minister, and I thank God for you. I had been praying the only way I knew about when dealing with horrible issues in peoples' lives ( screaming at the devil and casting him out! Sad to say doesn't work but for about 3 minutes). I wore myself out doing this for hours and then I was praying in tongues for hours after that. All three situations got better for 2 days, then wham! They went right back the way they were ( 3 marriages on the rocks). I was so disgusted at myself for not knowing how to pray right that I got down on my knees by my bed and cried out to Jesus for an answer. I told Him I must be deceived and stupid, and if He didn't help me, I would never know the truth about praying right! He told me to go to the book store and look in the spiritual warfare section, and He would show me what to buy. I said, "I am sick of spiritual warfare, it doesn't work! But I will go if you insist and try one last time." (I have been screaming at demons for 27 years.) I went and reluctantly asked the clerk to help me. He handed me book after book after book, and then Shattering Your Strongholds was handed to me and the Holy Spirit said " That's the one!" So I bought it and the rest is history! Then the tornado called " Liberty Express" hit all of our lives and we are blessed beyond anything I have ever experienced short of salvation and the Holy Ghost! Through these prayers I was even healed of dyslexia. I am an oil painter, and if you will forgive my destruction of the English language and run on sentences, I'll never ask you to paint for me, so it will even out. God bless you.

SNUGGLES AND GATEWAY: (From Pastor Ashley of Shelby NC) God uses animals to teach me so many lessons. He gave us Snuggles, our Samoyed, for eleven years before taking her Home. With a few rare exceptions, she was as much or more like Jesus... humans included... than anyone I�ve ever known. She loved me all the time whether I was good or bad, mean or sweet. She never left the yard. Always came when I called her. Would sit and let me pet her anytime I wanted. Would lay at my feet while I watched TV until I needed to love on her some more. If it weren�t for her shedding like a blizzard in the Himalayas, she would have been perfect. I learned more about the unconditional love and selfless service of Jesus from her than I learned in years of Christian ministry and study. She was a real blessing.

Having graduated from the Snuggles� graduate school of loving service, we must have been ready for another class of continuing education. On April 13, 2004, a friend of ours called and said that she had something for us... our next textbook. His name is Gateway because he looks like a Gateway computer box, or a Chick Fila cow. He is a feisty little booger... mostly Jack Russell terrier. He is wild as a buck and wide open. He is the antithesis of Snuggles. Betty found him wandering around in the middle of the highway. After checking the neighborhood to find his owner and ascertaining his homelessness, she took him home with her. Two days later, he became an Ashley.

We should have named him Crocodile or Jaws. He bites and eats everything in sight. By now, he probably thinks his name is "NO! Gateway! Bad dog!" He is into everything. Where Snuggles just wanted to be around us and submissively wait on some petting, Gateway couldn�t care less. The world is his oyster, and he is bound and determined to crack its shell and devour it.

At this stage in our lives, Wanda and I were looking forward to relaxing... not training a Tasmanian Devil that looks like a miniature cow. But I�ll tell you something. In spite of his boundless energy and spunk, he has stolen our hearts. He plays until he drops. Then he comes and wants to sit in your lap and take a nap. He loves to kiss you in the mouth and snuggle up under your chin and go to sleep. He is precious.

I asked the Lord why He sent us a dog like Gateway. He said, "I sent you Snuggles to show you what I am like. Now I�m sending you Gateway to show you what you are like, and how I look at you."

I am beginning to understand. There are times when Wanda and I are his sole focus of attention, but he is easily distracted. He will be playing with us and the dogs across the street will bark, and he will take off like a streak of lightning to go and see them. I guess I�m like that, too. I�ll be basking in the presence of the Lord, and something will distract me and off I go pursuing my own agenda. I�ve pursued some things in my life that had the potential to kill me, just like the highway for Gateway, but by the grace of the Lord, I�m still here. At the time, I thought I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do, but in reality, it was my own thing.

Like Gateway, I make messes that the Lord has to clean up. I chew on things I shouldn�t be chewing on like trying to be someone or something I�m not. I want my Master when it�s convenient for me, or when I�m bone-tired and need the security and comfort of His embrace. The rest of the time I think is mine to do with as I please. Gateway and I both have a difficult time realizing that we were created for our Master�s pleasure, not our own.

In spite of all that, Father loves me anyway. As a matter of fact, He is crazy wild about me just like I�m crazy wild about Gateway. In my book on Jack Russells, it says that the first order of business is to teach your terrier that he is not the Top Dog in the house. If you don�t train him, he will train you. Boy, how true that is! It�s taken me a long time to learn that He is God, and I am not. My life is so much better now that I�ve realized that His job is taken, and I�ve stopped applying for it. I hope and pray it doesn�t take Gateway as long as it took me to learn that lesson.

I�m sure there will be more lessons the Lord will teach me as I continue to study the book of Gateway. I�ll pass them along as I learn them. One thing I�ve learned already. Patience and a good sense of humor go a long way toward making our journey home a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. Chill out. Poop happens. Don�t let it stink up your life.

Pastor Kenny Ashley, Grace Fellowship Church, Shelby NC

ROOF CAT, FRAIDY CAT, AND GRACE CAT: (From Liberty Savard) Pastor Kenny's animal testimony was so sweet, I wanted to add one of my own here. Pastor Kenny, this really touched my heart, thanks for writing it. I have lost three dogs in sad ways over the past twenty years, and I swore I never wanted another pet. When my parents died last year, I had to find homes for my mom's 8 cats who were the loves of her life. I found homes for all but one, the little runt female who lived her entire life up on the roof and only came down to eat at night. She was always picked on by the other cats. My mother called her Roof Cat, I called her Fraidy Cat because not one could get close to her.

The final week that we were emptying out my parents' house, Roof Cat/Fraidy Cat began to come up and rub around my ankles, although she would run if I leaned over to pet her. I decided that she realized I was the Big Kahuna now and things were changing, and she needed me as an ally. Much against my better judgment, I decided to take her home with me if I could catch her. The last day we were at my parents' house, before I had to drive 200 miles south to Sacramento, I asked my daughter-in-law to try and catch her with some cooked chicken. Pretty soon I heard my daughter-in-law calling out, "I've got her, open the door!" I looked out and I couldn't tell who had who, actually. There was a fearful entanglement of human limbs and cat's limbs approaching the house quickly. Once safely inside the house, we set about putting Roof Cat/Fraidy Cat into the cat carrier which was like trying to put a hyper octopus into a small bucket.

I asked my daughter-in-law, Teresa, how she caught the little rebel and she told me that Roof Cat/Fraidy Cat had gotten on top of the greenhouse roof. Teresa was trying to coax her down when suddenly the cat fell off the roof right at her feet. She quickly grabbed up the stunned cat up and headed for the house. This was the same little cat that had lived all her life on a roof, daintily walking up and down a tall ladder face first every night for dinner. Suddenly this little cat just falls off a roof? I decided that God was definitely saying that this cat was mine to have and to hold, so He just had an angel push her off the roof at the right time.

When I got her home, my new feline friend and I had a few adjustments to make. She is now an inside cat for the first time at the age of around six years old and a little hair ball--cat hair everywhere! I decided that Fraidy Cat was a name that was a bad confession, so I renamed her Grace Cat, and I call her Gracie. She is a bit of a challenge when I travel (which I do frequently), but I just hire a cat sitter. My mom actually provided for her cats in her will, so Gracie has her own "kitty trust fund." God does give us pets that are just for us, I know. I know she needed me, and God must be saying I need her, too. Liberty

I've just finished your first book, Shattering Your Strongholds, and it is AWESOME!! I can't imagine where I was years ago, when I was being taught binding and loosing, with gaps--Huge Gaps--in my understanding. I am using the understanding in this book and the prayers for myself and my family. I have every confidence in the Lord that this is the key I've needed, and have been praying for, to see deliverance for my family and church family. I've been involved with deliverance ministries for over 15 years and have seen folks set free, only to descend back into their own particular bondage. I believe, with all my heart, that this is the key to permanent freedom. Darlene

Praise God. We just finished chapter 5 on loosing and are heading into chapter 6 on forgiveness in my class. It has been a pleasure and a challenge to teach them--constantly adjusting to them and their needs. I love doing it and feel I am in God's will with this assignment. Thank you for everything, including preparing me for this in your Certified Teachers' Training.

My daughter told me this week that she was struggling with some things at work recently and took a break and went out to her car and prayed the binding and loosing prayers I have taught her. And they worked! They helped pop her out of a negative place and into a better place. I feel a huge relief--she can do it without her mother! I keep you and yours in my prayers. You have a heavy and wonderful schedule, Mother Eagle. I am glad He provides all strength and help and protection that He alone can give!

I would like to know where I can purchase your books Freedom Here and Now and Breaking the Power and Producing the Promise. I have been binding and loosing for 22 days and it's really starting to work on ME!!! So I know if it's beginning to work on me, then it has to be working on the ones I have been praying for also. Many thanks, I appreciate all your help. NC

I was given The Unsurrendered Soul and started praying the prayers right away. I�ve seen tiny glimpses of change. I am excited because it makes so much sense. I, too, have been a Christian for nearly 30 years, and I have seen God�s hand move in some areas but not in others .Is there a training course as I would love to share your teaching? I live in Italy and attend an Italian Baptist church. Have you translated anything into Italian yet? There is such a fight on my soul is still trying to protect pathetic �stands.� Please pray for me and my family. We all desperately need to see the peace and joy that we spend so much time talking about. With gratitude, Lesley Stroud Abbiati

A note to encourage you--The small town of Stony Plain in Alberta Canad is once again running a small group starting with Shattering Your Strongholds. Those of us who spent over a year going through the first book and practicing the teachings daily, over 2 years ago, have been watched by others. These people now say they want what we have received. It is so encouraging to see the naysayers come around and see that this is something that has worked and has stayed. So many "programs" work while you are in with the program group, but the results fall off after you stop working the program. Our lives have been changed and it is sticking! Thank you for your teachings from the Lord and helping so many get more free every day. This is a process and a daily walk through, but the process is much easier now, once we see that shame and guilt have no rights to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For us who came to Sylvan Lake for your conference and then carried on after you left, and for those who are seeing the fruit and desiring it, we all thank you and thank God that He drew us and continually draws us to the life changing prayers of binding and loosing. What Keys! I am so grateful for the healings I've received and my family has received, and those that are yet to come. The pain of revelation isn't nearly as great anymore when we first loose the shame and guilt so that we can honestly see the facts of sin. You go girl is all I can say. SPT

You have been an occasional but good adviser to me over the years and it has been rewarding to see you reach out to others on "God TV" which I view in Uppsala, Sweden. I too have just been through a great inner trial where I continuously have to resist the desire to "die" and just give up. But I resurrected some of my old "Liberty S�vard" notes that I have referred to since 1998, and beat the "Devil" one more time. Saw about the death of your parents. Your season of darkness may be long, but you are basically a person of "Light" and in His time a new dawn will come for you if it hasn't already started. Your late parents sired a Godly daughter and that alone must have given them enormous pride and satisfaction, even if they didn't always voice thie heart and feelings in that area--especially your Dad. God bless you. Neville C.

It was such a delight to hear you in Tyler TX this month. Delight is the word I use in sharing about the meeting and you in Tyler. When you shared about your personal thinking with the Lord on "delighting in the Lord and receiving the desires of your heart," I thought the Lord not only is giving you the desires of your heart, but He is making you a delight unto others as you are, now, a delight unto Him. Dinah

Just a note to say I'm finding your books most useful. God brought them across my path at just the right time as I was having some rust removed from my car. The rust illustration showed me I needed to get to the bottom of the problem before fixing it--hence your books. I started praying the prayers first, and then just had to read the books. Thank you, Pam Vernon, New Zealand

I completed the Trilogy early this week, then began Unsurrendered Soul. It has all been such a sweeping new world of understanding about so many subjects, the most important being simply how to pray more effectively, I cannot express my appreciation to your faithfulness with the depth and amount of time it would require. The Trilogy is masterful, and the Unsurrendered Soul is just terrific. I keep my 8x11 Unsurrendered Soul chart in front of me while I'm reading, and my grasp of its flow and connectivity has catapulted beyond my already high anticipation and expectations. Gilbert

Several months ago I was desperate. I walked into a friend's bookstore, praying that God would point to THE book that would contain the information I needed to set me free. (I had a library of books I already at home). Through "tears and fears" and saw The Unsurrendered Soul; it popped out and I bought it. A huge wall between my husband and myself that I had been battling for years came tumbling down after I persistently "hammered away at it" using the binding/loosing keys. Previously I had been for prayer, prayer, prayer and more prayer and deliverance, deliverance, deliverance and more deliverance and I felt great until I went home to the wall that was still there. I gave up on prayer because no lasting victory followed the times of prayer and deliverance and hope diminished. In reading The Unsurrendered Soul I discovered that, in fact, the problem was in me, but it was not hopeless! When people questioned me about binding and loosing I said "I can tell you this, the wall was there and now it is gone." Four people that I know of went out and bought at least one, if not all, of your books after seeing the change in me. RJ

I'm going through The Unsurrendered Soul for the second time. It has changed my life. I have a long story but I have had suicidal thoughts four times this past year. Thank you for your ministry. When I am healed, I want to teach this material to others. Thanks again! KMM


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